Fill your closet without a financial drain on your wallet

Australians have saved money on garments through innovative ways

Nobody pays full price anymore. Australians have managed to save $12.2 billion on apparels, although this does not indicate the demand has reduced. People are finding new ways of saving money while shopping.

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How to start a food business?

Starting a new business of any kind is difficult and especially so when it’s a food related business. However, the continued popularity of cooking shows all over the world has led to many people setting out to realise their food dream. With the financial crisis gradually fading away, more lenders are ready to finance start-up businesses.

Here we will discuss some steps to consider, when starting a new food business.

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Five ways to save on clothing

With new fashion emerging every fortnight, Australians are trying to find a way to fill their wardrobes, without emptying their wallets. Here are five tips to save on clothing.

Online bazaar

Latest designs from all over the world are just a click away from the online buyers. The wait and watch approach eliminates the online buyers to buy clothes at a very less discount, while the normal shops still show the higher price. However, online shopping requires patience.

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Effects of share market closing

Share market started closing modestly higher as U. S Congress got approval to pass a bill for increasing its debt ceiling. The standard S & P/ASX200 index increased to o.38% to 5,283.1 points after the official market closed whereas, 0.33% has been added by all ordinaries to 5,281.9 points. The plan expands the borrowing authority of United State Treasury until February 7 as well as funds the government until 15th January. According to Mr. Weston, financial dram seems to be priced into different benefits hence investors now think about how global data can affect the policy setting of US Federal Reserve.

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Tips for home buyers in Australian market

With low interest rate and RBA not likely to increase it in next few years, the market has become competitive. This article is a combination of tips from investors and property advisors.

Do not stretch

Do not stretch yourself to buy an expensive property with the hope of values rising in the near future. If you cannot afford a house, shift to a suburb and it will catch up in value soon.

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Online lending platforms

The internet gives answers for all our probable questions. It gives relevant results for money searches too. It helps to link the moneylenders, venture capital investors to the people who want to get a base in finance or someone who want to refinance his credit card debt.

Lending club

In lending club, the borrowing rate is 14.5 percent for three to five years loan. The rate also differs based on their credit scores. The investors get an interest rate of 8.5 percent. The defaults of loans account for 3.5 percent and the annual company fee is 2.5%.

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Effect of bank fees increment on SME

Australia is experiencing low cash rate and mortgage rate, for household customers. People are taking mortgages at a rate of 5%. But the sector of people who are paying for this comfort is the business people: especially Small and medium sized enterprises.

Bank fees on SMEs

The bank fees for business are showing an amount of 7.3 billion dollars, accounting to 7% rise. A survey has shown that the 43% of SMEs are experiencing an elevated rate on their loans.

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Archbishop gets ready to combat high interest lenders

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has declared war with a company that offers short term loans with a high interest. He has told the company that he intends to challenge and push it out of business by promoting non profit credit unions.

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Raising capital income for any new business

Family and friends

All new businesses require a huge amount of money as capital in order to set the workplace up and get it running. It is not possible for all of them to invest a lot of money out of their own pockets and hence, external help is required in such cases. The best place to start gathering money is your own family. One can depend on one’s family and friends to help them in this situation, and then pay one’s debt off at a later stage. This is a convenient method of transaction as there is a sense of trust involved in this and hence, obtaining money would not be an issue.

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Finding reliable sources of capital in Sydney

Even in a great city like Sydney, finding reliable and legitimate sources of capital can become incredibly difficult. There are a number of sources providing business loans, at competitive interest rates. Few of them are:

1. Bank of Sydney

Bank of Sydney, formerly known as the Beirut Hellenic Bank, provides business loans for meeting initial capital expenses and also for any subsequent expansions. They have very flexible terms, to meet every individual’s needs. With a wide variety of repayment options, they are one of the leading banks in Australia.

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