Noble Loans Advantages

  • Fast and easy application.
  • No financial statements required.
  • No ABN required.
  • Any business purpose accepted.
  • Bad credit considered.

Loans for Catering or Restaurant Business

Catering businesses are heavily influenced by changes in the economy. It?s not the easiest business to run, but there are peak times and holidays that make the business worthwhile. However, all businesses need to survive through the good and the bad times. During times when the economy is poor, banks and the larger lenders will all proceed with caution. They simply do not want to take chances. Luckily Noble Loans is here to provide funds for catering businesses when they need it most.

Need funding for?

  • Food and preparation?
  • Restaurant renovation to attract customers?
  • New equipment for your restaurant and kitchen?

Noble Loans has you covered!

Regardless of your plans, we can fund it so you may have the edge against your competition! Noble loans is able to provide catering and restaurant loans to help you out of almost any situation. Catering and restaurant loans will provide the borrower with a sum of cash within days of the application. This fast loan can easily cover emergency funding of all sorts, and are not only limited to catering or restaurant uses.

Catering and restaurant loans at Noble Loans come without surprises or hidden fees. All rates and fees will be explained before signing of the contract. If you don?t like it, then you can withdraw free of charge, without any penalties. Noble Loans is a branch of Cash Finance, a well established lending company since 2005. We understand the need for quick funding, and we will do everything within our power to provide it.

Applying for catering and restaurant loans is simple:

  • Fill out a fast and easy pre-approval for a peace of mind.
  • Send in a few supporting documents.
  • Upon receiving the signed contract, money will be in your bank ready for use by the next working day!
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The Noble Loans Difference

Our advantages
The Banks
Minimum borrowing amount
Low documentation
Bad credit considered
Suitable for small business
Affordable repayment
Same day Approval

Noble Loans take no liability on content shown, please consult your legal and financial adviser before making any financial decision.