Customer stories

Running a business regardless of the size in my opinion has never been an easy task to accomplish. It is something that requires thorough planning and investing, not only investing money but time as well. Noble Loans makes it easy for us by taking care the busienss loan negotiations whilst keeping a keen eye on our repayment progress, making it one less thing for me to worry about.

Greg R, NSW

A few months ago, due to some setbacks my company had been having trouble financing our manufacturers and it started to become a huge problem. I was lucky enough to encounter Noble Loans and was immediately introduced to their loans for businesses. My company's been running strong ever since, and I cannot imagine what would have happened had I not found these wonderful lenders. Thank you for the help for the past few months.

David T, VIC

My husband and I own a seafood store down in Tassie but our supplier had some issues with their shipment which affected our business quite badly. We were almost unable to pay the rent, but thankfully we found Noble Loans which has not only been very helpful with their loans, but were also very informative and gave us a lot of insight as to what we could have done if we had any further financial issues.

Grace P, TAS

Running a business is never an easy task. This is why I'm comforted by the idea of being backed by Noble Loans and their loans for businesses whenever I have financial issues which I am unable to resolve on my own.

Dominic P, NSW

My partner have always had the tendency to overspend our budget, and needless to say we always needed loans for the business. Noble Loans has been very supportive of our graphics design firm, and I honestly can say I would much prefer to borrow from them rather than any bank.

Ned S, NSW

As far as I'm concerned, Noble Loans is one of the top lenders for loans for business in Australia. I have yet to find a better lender to offer great interest rates, minimal fees, great convenience and friendly staff all in one package.

Ellen T, QLD

The best thing about Noble Loans is that they don't require you to go to their home office in order to take out a loan. Everything is done online and through faxing, and I am able to get a loan for my business despite living more than a thousand kilometres away. Their convenience is definitely their greatest perk.

Luke S, TAS

A couple of month ago, m y restaurant was doing considerably worse compared to the previous few years and I was running low on funding. I really had no idea what to do, until my business partner recommended Noble Loans. I can't tell you how relieved I was to find an affordable lender. My restaurant is slowly recovering and I have Noble Loans to thank.

Mandy T, WA

Just paid a visit to the home office in Sydney, and I was very pleased with the service they provided. The consultant I was assigned was very well knowledged with the subject matter, thoroughly explaining everything in detail and the whole time he was very friendly. Noble loans knows how to take the stress out of an otherwise stressful situation.

Cindy L, NSW

The loans for business are absolutely perfect for small businesses like my cafe. Noble Loans understands just how difficult it is for small businesses to compete with the larger corporations, and have helped me to a great extent in increasing my revenue.

Olivia W, VIC

My repairs shop honestly could not have survived without the aid of Noble Loans and their loans for businesses. They were extremely helpful and open to negotiations to suit the best of my needs.

Tony S, VIC

Both my partner and I are very pleased with the service. Everything was resolved promptly, and I don't think we could be asking for more when we needed the money urgently. Thank you for the help you've provided us with.

Karl H, QLD

Definitely the optimal choice of loans for business provider. The overall fees and payment is considerably cheaper than most banks, and the service was just exceptional.

Laura R, NT

The flexible payment options your company offered was extremely helpful in enabling me to meet my debt payments. This prevented me from getting a bad credit history. Thanks for your fantastic service!

Jamie U, WA

Customer service was extremely helpful regarding my queries. There were prompt replies whilst offering advice and other alternatives to paying my debt. In addition to their customer service is their fast lending process which is convenient when it comes to paying unexpected debt. I look forward to dealing with you again!

Tiffany C, NT

The loan criteria was definitely much more flexible than the banks, which made it easier for someone with a bad credit history like myself get a loan for business.

Sharon V, NSW

Customer service was extremely helpful regarding my queries, with prompt replies and professional answers. Noble Loans clearly knows what they are doing, and the expertise of their staff are akin to those of official banks and institutions.

Gary O, SA

After the tiresome service I had to endure through local banks, I found the services offered by Noble Loans to be much more pleasant. The reasonable rates of their business loans and the friendliness of the staff has put a smile on my face and my business. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Irene A, VIC

My loan with Noble Loans was a most valuable experience. It provided me with the opportunity to learn more in regards to finance, as well as how it can benefit my business. Thank you.

Rachel M, VIC

Excellent service throughout the entire process of my loan for my business. The staff were very engaging and knew what they were doing.

Greg C, QLD

Noble Loans made the promise of helping my small business grow, and they most certainly did their best to make that come true. My cafe is doing great, and it's all thanks to Noble Loans!

Samantha L, VIC

Amazing service! I am very glad to have approached Noble Loans for my business. I finally have the funding to open my dream bakery. Thank you!

Lily Z, NSW

I wanted to get some kind of loans for business to start my own business, but I was not able to find any trustable lender until I found you guys, and you guys are fast!

Mason S, NSW

Your staffs are really friendly and professional, I told them to send me a message when there is a new stage in the loan process, and I do receive a message and know what exactly is happening to my loan.

Mable J, WA

To have a successful business, loans are required, and for that reason, I went to Noble Loans to get a loan, and it is because it is a company I can really trust.

William F, SA

I used the loans for business to get my business out of the financial downtrend, and I would like to give a review to say thank you.

Linda A, QLD

It is so fast, I really appreicate the speed of how fast you process my loan application, from pre-approval stage to the moment the money only took one working day.

Patricia K, NSW

I have received help from Noble Loans, and it is really the best choice I have ever made, I might require more assistance from you guys in the future.

John W, WA

In order to start my own business, I need to have loans for business. Because I was not able to save up enough money, and I needed assistance from Noble Loans.

Leroy K, SA

Very fast is was best describe Noble Loans, and the good thing is that the friednly staffs will always keep me up to date with my loan application along with the speed.

Julie A, QLD

I have used the loans to get my business back on track, thank you very much, if it was not Noble Loans, my business might be closed down already.

James M, QLD

I used the loans for business to start my own business, and it has certainly changed my life for good, because I was just an employee, now I am a business owner.

Connie T, NSW

Thank you very much for the loans, because online business are not considered as a solid business by other lenders, but Noble Loans considered it and gave us the loans.

Anna R, NSW

This is very fast, I cannot really beleive it even know it is a fact. But the money is in my account on the same day that I applied for a loan, thank you very much.

Vincent B, WA

Me and my brother both wanted to open our own business, but we lack the money to start it. And together, both of us got the loans for business from Noble Loans, and finally able to start my business.

Cody A, SA

The speed of how fast I get the moeny from you guys, is simply amazing, so all I wanted to say is thank you very much, I cannot think of a word that can best suit you, fast is not fast enough, maybe lighting speed suits well.

Jessica H, QLD

Noble Loans are the best at giving out business loans in Australia, I would recommand it to people who need instant cash flow to their business.

Damien M, NSW

I needed loans for business to help my business solve my cash flow problem, and other lenders are scared off when they know I have bad cash flow, only Noble Loans are wlling to give me a loan.

Diana T, WA

The speed is what makes me can't get away from you guys, because all the time when I needed fundings for my business, you guys are the first to get my problem solved.

Nelson D, QLD

Thank you very much for the loans you gave me, because with the money you gave me, I am finally able to start my own business and be my own boss.

Mark L, NSW

I was looking for loans for business to keep my business cash flow going, but then when I tell them I am doing a online business, only Noble Loans are willing to give me the loans.

Tory G, VIC

I am really happy with the service I receive from Noble Loans, not just the fact that you guys are very professional, but the smiles I receive from you.

Greg D, NT

Thank you very much for giving me the loan, with the loans given to me, I am able to start my own business without having to worry as much as before. Now I only need to focus on getting my business to work forward.

Mario I, QLD

I needed to use the loans for business to start up my ebay business, but most other lenders do not want to give me the loan, but Noble Loans considered online business as a business and gave me the loan.

Seth F, NSW

I needed the loans for business to keep my business alive, but other lenders are all rejecting me. Lucky Noble Loans were able to help me with it.

Crystal J, WA

With the money I receive from you guys, I can finally start my very own business, and not work as an employee for the rest of my life.

Louise M, VIC

I wanted to start my own business, but the biggest problem for me is also the most important part of starting a business, that is I do not have enough money, but with Noble Loans, that problem is solved easily.

Sandra E, NSW

Thank you very much for the loan, if it wasn't the loan, I would be stuck in the financial situation, and it is going to be nightmare, lucky that it is all solved.

Glenn N, QLD

There are many different business loans in Australia, but it is really hard to find one that I can trust, and my choice is Noble Loans, a lending company that I can trust.

Marianne S, WA

With the money in hand, I now have a very flexible cash flow, because of the loans for business that you guys gave me, it is really handy when I need to make business decisions.

Robert S, NSW

It is very fast and easy to apply for a loan with you guys, it only took me a few minutes to apply and in just one day, I found that you guys have given me the money in my bank account.

Rebecca A, QLD

The best business loans in Australia are definitely Noble Loans, I personally experienced it. From pre-approved to the money in my account only took two days.

Wayne L, NT

Your loans for business services are really helpful and handy when it comes to business decisions, because with you loans, I have more cash flow and it became more flexible for me.

Johnathan M, VIC

I wanted to start my online business on ebay, but I lacked the money to get enough stocks to sell, but lucky for me, I am able to find Noble Loans and get more stocks.

Mckinley S, NSW

The speed of how you proceed with my loan application is deeply appreicated, it really helped me to get the opportunity and chance I have always been waiting for.

Marisol S, QLD

To get loans for business, I always thought it is very hard, and I would not be able to get it. But then I realize now how easy and how fast it can be with you guys.

Alfred O, SA

With the money I get from you guys, I am able to get a start on the business, and not being an employee, being told around what to do, and get a very low pay.

David J, NSW

I really enjoyed getting a loan from Noble Loans, because they are very fast in processing my loan application, and now that my business is able to grow bigger.

Clinton J, VIC

With the loans for business, my business is going extremely well, I was able to get the money from Noble Loans in time to get the opportunity to grow it even bigger.

Rosie G, QLD

I started my business with your loans for business, because I did not have enough money to start, and I did not want to let the chance just run away from me, that is why I decided to get a loan from you guys, and it was the right choice in doing it.

Scarlett S, SA

I was really pleased with the friendly staff and professionalism throughout the whole loan process, I was notified on what is happening and what will happen, which made me very confidant about this loan.

Lucinda B, NSW

I thought that with my bad credit history, I won't be able to get any kind of business loans in Australia, but you guys made me change that theory, thank you very much.

Ali H, VIC

My business was tight in cash flow, and the urgent bills requires payment, lucky that I got loans for business from you guys, and it was done in one day.

Hannah B, QLD

With the loans for buisness, it certainly did make my decision easier, because now that I have more cash flow, and things are more flexible for me.

Keira Y, QLD

My business is going so well now with the loans that you gave me, it was really the correct choice for me to choose Noble Loans over other lenders, because of your speed advantage over others.

Matilda D, VIC

If it wasn't for loans for business, I would still be stuck in my everyday boring lifestyle at work, now that my life is exciting because I can manage my own business.

Amber O, NSW

Thanks guys, the banks took too longfor approval, and you guys are really fast.

Joel R - SA

Thank you very much for the help, I really needed the loan, and with your loans, my business are able to go through the hard time.

Ruby L - SA

With the loans for business, it really makes my dream came true, because I always wanted to start my own business.

Kayla F - NSW

Thank you for the business loans, if I did not have the money, I would have to close down the business.

Owen H - QLD

Being a business owner is so much better than working as an employee, thank you for making this happen.

Mackenzie H - SA

Noble Loans are really helpful when it comes to urgent situation, you guys are so reliable.

Caleb D - NSW

My ebay business is running so smoothly now, but all that is due to the cause of Noble Loans giving me the loans to start.

Koby B - WA

I am finally a business owner instead of an employee, thank you so much for the loans for business.

Sam P - QLD

With the loans for business, I was able to start my own business, and it is really changing my life, and I am enjoying it alot.

Timothy R - WA

I am able to purchase more stocks for my online business, and because it is Christmas and New year sale, I earned a fortune.

Christopher F - QLD

Thank you for the loans for business, I was just in time to open my business before new year, and the result was outstanding.

Aaron L - SA

I plan to do an event during Christmas for my business to get more reputation, and Noble Loans were giving me a lot of help.

Gordan G - QLD

I sell my products on ebay, and lucky Noble Loans were able to give me loans for business to purchase my stocks.

Angela H, VIC

Starting up my own business is no longer a dream with the loans for business from Noble loans.

Nikki C, QLD

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Jasmine Rodes has always been proud of her Australian owned flower shop, which has been kept running for 5 years and counting. During 2010, Jasmine's car unexpectedly broke down, just weeks away from her registration expiring. The difficulties in transport affected her sales, and the additional auto repair costs left Jasmine with a short term finance problem.What she needed was a loan to help her through this difficult time and set her business back on track...
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Melbourne Eye Clinic has been running for a year, but when competition started heating up, Robert (the director) decided to take his business to the next level. The plan was to upgrade and purchase new, advanced medical equipment, and redesign parts of the clinic before arranging ways of advertisement... ..
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