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Luke Prowler has been running a family business for over 10 years, and has watched his small one man repair shop erupt into a business selling and repairing anything electrical. It has been such a success that now he needs over 20 employees to deal with all his customers. In late 2009 Luke went to his bank for a small business loan, which he planned to use to import new air conditioners for the business. Since summer was just around the corner, he figured this will help keep his business flourishing during the incoming heat waves. His banker, however, did not see things his way. After a short struggle, he was ultimately declined from his small business loan.

Wasting no time, Luke started searching online to expand his financing options, and found Noble Loans where he got himself a quick pre-approval filling in a fast and easy form. Carefully following the instructions, Luke proceeded with his application and submitted all the necessary documents within a day. Noble Loans was able to easily examine his business, and deemed that Luke?s business was already has excellent cash flow. Upon signing the contract, Luke was able to receive the needed funds by the next working day.

?This loan was truly a Godsend ? the banks were making me doubt whether or not my plans were going to work. It?s always nice to have someone who supports your ideas, as long as it?s not too ridiculous of course!?

?I like how Noble Loans assessed the whole situation, and not just the past or my temporary troubles. I have always been proud of my historically strong cash flow, and I?m glad someone could see things my way too.?

- Luke Prowler

Noble Loans has helped many small businesses with fast finance.

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