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$2,000 - $1,000,000
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1 - 12 months
Interest Rate
from 2.9% monthly
Loans are provided by Max Funding
  • Repay loan at any time
  • Extra repayment at any time
  • Top-up your loan (subject to approval)

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Small Business Scenario

The issue:

A small local restaurant is very famous, and is popular among the community, with it attracting many people every night. However, all the stoves have broken down, and need to be replaced. However, replacing all the stoves requires a lot of money, and when they applied for funding through banks, they were informed that there would be a waiting period of one month for them to be approved. Essentially this would mean that they would be out of business for at least a month.


The restaurant owner applied for a business loan with Noble Loan online, and was approved in only one day. The money was transferred into the account of the restaurant owner within two days, and within the span of 4 days, all stoves were repaired which allowed the business back up on track and running smoothly.

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