Frequently Asked Question

Application can be made in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete Pre-Approval Form
  2. Forward supporting documents
  3. Final assessment and sign contract

To be eligible you should be starting up OR have an established business and own a registered motor vehicle OR a real estate property (whether mortgaged or not it is ok).

Pre-approval is a preliminary assessment of your eligibility to obtain a small business loan. According to our statistics pre-approved customers have over 89% success rate in taking out a loan.

Normally the borrowing amount depends on your income and vehicle/property value. If you own a motor vehicle, borrowing amount can be up to 50% of your vehicle's trade-in value. If you own a real estate property, the borrowing amount can be up to 95% of the property value excluding any loan owing.
Noble Loans believe each business situation is different; hence we will tailor repayments that can suit your budget. Repayment can be on a regular basic or by a lump sum payment. After going through your application, we will advise you of the repayment options.
Interest rate can be as low as 2.9% per month. Each we understand each applicant?s situation is different, hence upon final approval we will inform you of the exact rate. Most of the cases, you may pay-out at any time to save interest.
Basic documents include:
  1. 100 points IDs.
  2. Two months bank statement.
  3. Car rego or council rate
  4. Note: Additional documents may apply, depending on your situation.
Noble Loans only specialise in small businesses, hence unlike the banks we are able to cut-out the red tape and tailor a fast business loan solutions.
noble loans The Banks
Minimum borrowing amount $1,000 $10,000
Level of supporting documents Low High
Bad credit considered
Suitable for small business
Business plan required?
After all necessary documents has been received, loan formally approved and contract signed, funds should be transferred in to your account by the next working day.
For your convenience, repayments are usually direct debited from your nominated bank account. However, if you prefer direct deposit/online transfer it may be available.

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