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Jasmine Rodes has always been proud of her Australian owned flower shop, which has been kept running for 5 years and counting. During 2010, Jasmine?s car unexpectedly broke down, just weeks away from her registration expiring. The difficulties in transport affected her sales, and the additional auto repair costs left Jasmine with a short term finance problem, making life not easy for Jasmine. What she needed was a fast loan to help her through this difficult time and set her business back on track.

Seeking out her local bank, they stuck to their strict requirements and refused to help. ?I have made some late payments before and perhaps even a default from my earlier years, but I have a grip on my financial position now and even the default should be nearly expired." she says. Regardless, the banks pushed her away after a credit check, and her failure to obtain credit after a credit inquiry was recorded.

After realizing what getting declined could do after a credit check, Jasmine focused on searching up lenders who can assist bad credit history business owners. Satisfied with her chances at Noble Loans, she was comfortable to proceed with her application. She was careful to send in all the necessary paperwork, and thus her application advanced without delay. Jasmine had access to funding in a matter of days.

Jasmine?s plan proved to be successful; most of her loan was dedicated to a small business expansion. She was able to pay off the car repairs and registration costs with the rest of the loan. The renovation easily attracted more customers, and her business expanded to the point where she hired 3 more workers to help her out. Needless to say, Jasmine had no difficulty in managing her repayments, and was even able to make use of the ability to repay the loan early to save interest.

?I like how Noble Loans assessed the whole situation, and not just the past or my temporary troubles. I have always been proud of my historically strong cash flow, and I?m glad someone could see things my way too.?

- Jasmine Rodes

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