What is debtor finance?

Debtor finance is different with traditional business loans in Australia, it is a short term business loan can helps business get instant cash from account receivable, and solve cash flow issues. Business usually issue invoices to their debtors and receive money later, which will affect cash flow and business operation.

Stable cash flow is very important for business to operate efficiently and expand. Business sell their invoice to the third party, like us, to get instant cash, is called debtor finance. It is flexible alternative to traditional business loans, because the loan amount is depends on the business's invoice value. Debtor finance allows businesses access their account receivable before they collect money from debtors, and it has many advantages for business.


Advantages of invoice financing

There are several advantages of invoice finance for business, first of all, get account receivable before debtors pay it can resolve business cash flow issues. As business can get large proportion of outstanding receivables instantly instead of waiting debtor's payment, and business can reduce the early payment discount for debtors as well.

Secondly, the stable cash flow enable business operate health and smooth, debtor finance can use to buy inventory, upgrade equipment, and cover operating expense, and so on. It is good for business in long term.

Invoice finance from Noble Loans

Apply invoice financing from Noble Loans, the process is extremely fast and easy. The first step is fill the Pre-approval form on the right, simply inform us how much you want to borrow, your loan purpose, and your brief credit history. There are no obligation for this step, and you can adjust loan amount later. The next step is fill the application form, after you submit the application form, you will get result very shortly. We will send message or email to inform whether you get approval or not. The last step is send or email us some documents and sign the contract, we will deposit credit to your account as soon as possible.

Apply debtor finance from Noble Loans, you could enjoy:

  • Fast approval
  • Easy to eligible
  • Better approval rate
  • Flexible loan terms and repayments

Noble Loans is Australian leading lender, we helped over thousands of Australian small and medium sized business since established. If you are interested, or have any questions please feel free to contact us directly!