Review of Max Funding

It's quite common that sometimes we require some finance for our business to grow it further or to make some required investments. If you are also looking for a loan then, Max Funding has the best offer for you. It can offer you loans between $2,000 to $1,000,000 along with that the interest rate is calculated every month.

Max Funding is known as one of the leading Businesses to enable funding especially for the people who are starting some small business. In addition, it provides fast access and has easy funding process for the people who are not reluctant to go for slow lenders.

As of now, Max Funding has been successful enough to serve many industries by providing them inexpensive finance and funds options.

Products Offered

  1. Fast Business Loans:

    If you are someone who is looking for business loans in a range of $1000 to $50,000 today only or to solve some cash problems then this is the best option available to you. Your application will be recognized after a simple 5 minutes Pre-Approval time. The eligibility criteria can be easily qualified by almost all the small businesses out there. The fast Business loan is given for 1 to 36 months including the term extension.

  2. Equity Business Loans:

    This loan is the best option for the people who are looking for huge amounts on the same day. Almost every firm can qualify the eligibility criteria and the company will try its best to provide the loan faster after you clear the minimum eligibility criteria. The Pre-Approval time can range from 1 to 3 hours and the term from 1 to 36 months including term extension.

  3. Unsecured Business Loans

    This type of loan allows small business owners to receive funding at faster rates without any kind of security requirements. Further, depending on their cash flow, the customer can choose the repayment option as it is flexible enough. You can get a loan ranging from 1,000 to $300,000. The Pre-Approval takes only 5 minutes.

    The business firms who are just started are available for this loan and the interest rate is around 1.80% monthly.

Applying Process

  • Complete a free application no matter what time or which place in Australia. There's no fee charged for pre-approval and it takes about 5 minutes.
  • A decision will be sent to you in a flash with a personalized repayment plan to fit your budget. You will need to attach a few documents for verification.
  • You can access additional funding after you receive the funds on the very same day.

Industries Served

In the last few years, Max Funding has been successful in providing business loans to several industries all over Australia which belonged to different sectors. The sectors included were Retail, Medical, Automation, Construction, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Beauty, Mining, Education, etc. You are eligible to apply for the loan if you belong to these sectors or even any other.


In addition to being successful enough to serve Industries, Max funding has earned a few awards for keeping up their work quality and services.

  • Australian Customer Service Award

    Maxfunding being a very trustworthy lender, they have an innovative record of relied customers. Besides various achievements, Australian Customer Service has granted them the prime Gold award for the same and having a prominent dedication for the customers.

  • Australian Achievers Award

    The company holds a top rank in their line of business and thus has been granted the Australian Achievers awards.

  • St. George Business Award

    Maxfunding has also helped many communities and for this, they have been awarded the St. George Business Award.

  • Hurstville Business Award

    Hurstville Business Award has been given to the company as they become the support for many small businesses to grow in Australia.

Got Featured in

  • The Sunday Morning Herald

    It's one of the oldest newspaper published in Australia along with that it is a national online news brand.

  • Financial Review

    It is known to report the latest news about finance, business, politics, and investments and is updated in real-time


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Max Funding Business Loan Features

  • You can find a broad range of funding amounts ranging from $1000 to $500000. It is designed to cover almost all types of daily business needs.
  • The loan is available for all stages of Business. If you're in retail or hospitality then you might get some additional offers.
  • It doesn't have any hidden fees and the interest is crystal clear. If you pay your loan on time then no penalty is charged.
  • The repayments are scheduled according to the budget of clients and business requirements.
  • Business with less than a stellar credit history can apply too.
  • It doesn't need any tax submission returns or any such financial statements.