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Melbourne Eye Clinic has been running for a year, but when competition started heating up, things are not easy, Robert (the director) decided to take his business to the next level. The plan was to upgrade and purchase new, advanced medical equipment, and redesign parts of the clinic before arranging ways of advertisement. Although this plan was effective, a large sum of money was needed to kick start the business and fast.

His first reaction was to apply at his local bank; a major bank he has stuck with for many years, but was knocked back despite his plans and stable financial situation. Uncertain of what to do, the Robert started another application at a rival bank, but knew the application could very well take weeks.

It was then that he decided to search for alternatives. After going to multiple lenders, he decided to proceed with Noble Loans. After a quick pre-approval, he was happy to proceed (and also happy to cancel his application with the bank, which barely progressed at all) with his application knowing he has a very good chance of being approved. His application advanced rather quickly. The next day after all the documents were received, he received the contract and happily signed it. He was completely thrilled when the money arrived in his bank account the very next day.

Using the small business loan from Noble Loans, the director was able to purchase all the necessary equipment and launch his advertising campaign right in time for Christmas. The results were almost instantaneous, as both satisfied new and old customers walked in through the door.

?I had a hunch that my marketing strategy would work, but the banks just won?t give me a chance. I would have never dreamed that I would be able to get funding within a week of applying, let alone making it before the Christmas rush. Thanks to this little Christmas miracle I am getting more patients than I can handle. ?

- Robert

Noble Loans has helped many small businesses with fast finance.

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