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Getting a loan for new business can be difficult if you apply through banks, but that is certainly not the case when you apply with us, our application is fast and easy. Because banks would most likely reject anyone who wants to borrow a loan to start a new business.

  • Use this loan for business purpose
  • You own a car or a real estate property
  • Reside in Australia
Loan Range $1,000 - $500,000
Loan Term 1 - 12 months
Interest Rate from 2.9% monthly
Lender Loans are provided by Max Funding
  • Repay loan at any time
  • Extra repayment at any time
  • Top-up your loan (subject to approval)
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Small Business Scenario

The issue:

A person has been looking for a location to start his new caf?, but he was not able to find his ideal location, and because he do not know if he will find the location, he did not want to borrow a loan before he even know if the caf? is going to operate. However, one day he found the perfect location for him to open his caf?, but the owner of the location requires him to give deposit within two days, because it is such a popular location, and many other people also want it. So the soon to be business owner went to banks and ask for an express loan of $2,000, but the amount was too low and the bank rejected him.


The person requested for an express loan of $2,000 through Noble Loans online pre-approval, he was approved and received the loan on the same day. Which he was able to put in deposit for the location and start his own caf?, and it has been running for years, and it has only growing ever since.

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