3 Tips to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

29 August, 2016

Keeping houses warm in winter is always a priority for everyone. People often opt to get their houses insulated or give preference to the inefficient heating systems which are good for nothing. There are a lot of user-friendly ways to keep the house warm. You don’t need to opt for those expensive and irritating things which cause problems. Here are three tips to maintain the house warm this winter.

  1. Make use of tin foils

One of the ways of preventing unnecessary heat losses from radiators is using aluminium foil that reflects heat behind them. It does not permit the heat to enter the rooms. You are recommended to use the tin foil. It allows sunlight to enter the rooms. The tin foils are specially designed to keep the rooms warm during the winters. The cost of these products is also very reasonable. The most interesting thing is that these are available for kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, and all parts of the house where you need warmth.

  1. Give preference to thick curtains

Those who have decorated their rooms with thin curtains need to replace them with thick curtains. Thick curtains protect the houses from losing the heat through front doors and the glass windows. If you live in an area where the snowfall is very common, you must opt for the thick curtains to keep the house warm. These are available in plenty of designs, colours, varieties, and qualities. There is never any shortage of options. So, choose the thick curtains of varying colours that could beautify your rooms and, at the same time, could keep them warm. You can also give a try to the shower curtains made with PVC material, and these can be placed right before the windows of your shower rooms. Old rugs can be used to stitch thick curtains for the rooms according to the requirements.

  1. Stop heat being lost up the chimneys

It is common to have a fireplace in every room which is operational during the winters. If you have chimneys above those fireplaces, there are chances that the heat will be lost up slowly through them. The chimney balloons are made from the special laminate and they can prevent the heat loss. You can also give a try to the woollen chimney insulators to keep the house warm during the cold days.

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