10 Cool Tips on Starting a Small Business on Your Own

28 October, 2016


When looking to start a small business on your own, you can easily go crazy with all that excitement involved. There are certain things which you should take into account before you dive into this whole new world.

  1. Decide on the structure of your business

Different major business structures include sole trader, company, trust and partnership. So, before you choose to start your own business, your first decision should be about the structure you’re going to choose.

  1. Get it insured

Getting your business insured is essential. You can get insurance cover for your income, workers’ compensation and commercial risks.

  1. Decide your location

Decide the location of your first office from where you will start your business operations. It is possible to lease or buy an office space or you can even run it from your home.

  1. Get a website up and running

In today’s tech world, no business can thrive without a professionally developed website regardless of how small or big it may be. Choose a name which represents your brand or business name. It should be unique, short, and easy to pronounce and remember.

  1. Know your customers

It’s important to specify your customer base and who your products will be targeting. Know the niche market and describe the ideal customers for your business. It will help you make decisions clearly about things like branding, location, marketing, pricing, etc.

  1. Know your competitors

Get all the information you can about the competitors you have. See what they’re best at and where they can improve. It will help you to make your business unique and do things differently and in a better way.

  1. Know the laws which may affect you

You always have to consider laws that apply to your business before you step into the market. Check out all the laws related to your business in your state and act accordingly.

  1. Develop your budget realistically

Startups usually get wrong footed in the beginning by over-estimating their income and under-estimating their costs. That often becomes the cause of their failure. So, it is advised to get some help and look into all the financial aspects carefully and then set realistic budget for both short and long term.

  1. Know how to attract customers

Many a times, businesses do everything right but they just wait for the customers to come to them but that never happens. There should be a proper plan and a full-fledge marketing campaign to let others know about you and to attract customers towards you.

  1. Find a mentor

When you have someone to consult with, you are sure to progress better. It can be quite advantageous and you can easily avoid many mistakes most startups make.


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