A few new tips to save more money

24 May, 2014

There is always a new blog or article about various ways to save money. A method to save a few dollars is very useful and essential. If you take a closer look at the way you spend money, you will be able to find a few ways to save.

Energy cuts

Switching off an appliance when not in use, tuning, adjusting and also making repairs would help you to save a lot of money on energy. A 20 year old appliance would not be able to help you save more money. You need to upgrade your appliances to make it more profitable. However, one cannot afford to replace all the appliances one has.

Here are a few tips to help you save money by energy cuts.

a)    Reducing the brightness in the TV screen would help you reduce the energy consumption

b)    Game console pulls in a lot of energy, even when not in use. Thus, it is very essential to unplug it when not in use. This would help to save at least 100 dollars per year

c)    Leaving your desktop computer in active mode all day would increase the energy consumption, though not by a very considerable scale.

d)    Switch to LED lights instead of the fluorescent bulbs.

Cash rebate companies

These companies can retrieve the commission paid to your financial adviser. The amount retrieved can be up to ten thousand dollars per year on the super. On an average, these companies refund about 200 dollars per month. These cash rebate companies will work as your advisor for just 240 dollars per year.

Stop impulse buying

Mostly the budget that we fix would not help to control the impulse buying. Here are a few tips to help you get go of the habit.

a)      Limit your access to the money. Do not use your card and instead, use cash withdrawn.

b)      Don’t browse or window shop, when you are bored. Shop only when you want something essential. Instead, have a new hobby or find some free entertainment. This will help you keep off the impulse buying.

c)      Do not shop with your friends, who have the same problem. Instead, take a trip to the mall with your stingy friend. This will help you cut a lot of costs. It is also better to shop alone.

d)     Say no to credit card or freeze them. Instead use prepaid cards so that you can have a control of your account balance.

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