Are you prepared for your retirement?

4 June, 2014

The first fear of retiring is the financial insecurity. Your incomes would drastically decrease and your spending might be higher than usual. According to a survey, about 50% of the people have not planned enough money for their retirement and about 20% of them have not started their retirement planning. Here are a few tips to help you plan your retirement perfectly.

Get help

Talk to a financial advisor and make sure to check how much you would require for an average of 20 -25 years of retirement. You can also use the online calculator and plan how much you need to save to have a better retirement life. Do not hesitate to get professional help, when it comes to retirement fund. Any misleading information would make you drain off all your funds within a few years into the retirement cycle. Learn about the retirement cycle too. You would be requiring more funds during the initial and the final stages of your retirement cycle.

Save your pension pot

You can withdraw your pension money once you reach 55. However, it is very essential to keep your retirement fund as such. Take part in the retirement plans of your employer or that of the government. It is always better to use the retirement fund for its actual purpose. Using the retirement fund for settling short term bills would not be effective in the long run. There are a few cases where the pension fund can be used for other purposes like paying off the equity of the house.

Life expectancy

The government is ready to provide a rough life expectancy which would allow the people to plan their retirement. This guide would help you determine how much to save and how much he can withdraw from the pot. The best way is to look into your family to find the average lifetime and also that of the people in your locality. If you do not smoke or drink, then, you can live for about 30 years of your retirement life.

The problem with this life expectancy guide is that you get a correct number. You might expect a person to live for 20 years and he might live for 35 years. The guide is not tailored to every single individual. It is a table that takes into account your gender, lifestyle and your locality.  However, there are a lot more factors to be considered like the wealth, family history, education, the working environment and other external factors like future immigration of people from poor areas.

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