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Do you need a renters insurance?

23 August, 2014

Renters insurance is the least used coverage. Most of the people do not know about the renters insurance and the rest do not care about it. According to a survey, 96% of house owners have insured their house, but only 35% of the people who are renters have insurance.

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How to reduce your cable bill?

20 August, 2014

In 1995, the cable bill was $22 per month. Today, the basic cable bill is $100 and with other services like internet, the bill would reach $200. The cable bill has risen to become one of the elements of every household’s budget. The most common way that people use to reduce the cable bill is to discontinue the cable connection service and use the internet for watching the shows.

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Problems in DIY tax returns

16 August, 2014

Millions of people do their tax return by themselves. There was a warning from the ATO for those taxpayers about the traps that are very costly this year. As the tax return season is nearing, very few people have considered about using a financial expert’s help for filing tax returns.

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How to increase the retirement income?

13 August, 2014

No one can expect to live out of their retirement fund for the whole life after the retirement. You would obviously need some kind of stable and/or monthly income to support your retirement fund. The most common retirement income source is the stock market.

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How to restart the credit after bankruptcy?

9 August, 2014

The number of people filing for the bankruptcy has decreased considerably. Bankruptcy does not mean that the financial stability of the person has been demolished and that  he has to live hand to mouth. It is a way to restructure the finance and the people can make a new start.

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How to save on the home closing costs?

6 August, 2014

Securing a home loan is not an easy task. When it comes to a long list of fees related to the mortgage, the task becomes for daunting and confusing. It is difficult to determine the closing cost and the other fees to check whether you are overcharged or not. Here are a few ways to save on the home mortgage’s closing costs.

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What do you need to know about myTax service?

2 August, 2014

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) has launched the new myTax services. It was said that it would help the customer reduce the time taken for filing tax and also makes the process easier.

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How to reduce your mortgage interest rate?

30 July, 2014

On an average, the mortgage rates are 4.19% for 30 years and 3.23% for 15 year loan. Though it is the historically low interest rate that is seen by the Australians, the interest rate can be even reduced. Even if your interest rate goes down, a little, you would be saving a lot more money, which can be used to pay off your loan.

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How to save money in home renovation?

26 July, 2014

Home renovation is not just a point of luxury. One needs to know that this would increase the value of the house. If not done properly, it would reduce the value of the house. However, after spending the last dollar possible on the mortgage, Australians have to find a way to renovate their house, without spending much.

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Low credit score affects your car insurance premium

23 July, 2014

You need to know that the insurance premium for your car is not a constant number. It depends upon a lot of factors. Basically, if the company considers you as a rational and disciplined person who would take his responsibilities, then your insurance premium would be low. The credit score is the best way for the insurers to determine whether you are a risk free customer or not.

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