Business Financial Management

1 December, 2015

Every owner of a particular business or various different businesses must be familiar with some basics of financial management. Depending totally upon co-workers and subordinates would jeopardize the business as a whole. Basic success of a business depends mainly on the finances. Managing these finances, therefore, is very important. Some principles about financial management would be explained here.

Estimate rightly

Whenever the business is planning to launch a new project or a venture or there is a need of renovation in some previous project then certain estimates are made. These estimates must be made rationally keeping in view the company’s finances. It’s good to be optimistic but financial estimates can be very damaging in future if not made with full attention.

The source of funds

While selecting the source of funds for a particular activity sponsored by your business, the source should be checked thoroughly. It should be determined how the particular source of funds would benefit the business and how would it be detrimental. An example can be the interest rates offered on different debts and also the duration for which the funds can be provided.

The use of funds

After the funds have been collected or generated from various sources, it is very important to manage their investment in the right places at the right time. A wrong investment of a large amount of money would be very damaging for the organization. Therefore, it is essential for effective financial management to utilize the funds rightly.

Exercising control

It is very important to keep a check on the cash inflow or outflow in an organization. A strict control followed by a lenient policy might be effective. It all depends on the manager that how he intends to go by it. All that would matter at the end is that the whereabouts of each amount of cash related to the organization must be kept under check and control.

The returns coming

The returns and benefits from a particular investment must be judged by the financial manager. It is really important to analyze their surge and decline to avoid any dangers prevailing near the organization’s financial future. At the end of the day a business is successful only if it is generating enough to keep itself running. All the decisions made while managing the finances must be very much rational and should be judged in the terms of the long run benefits for the organization.

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