Category: Bad Credit

The 7 Forces of Business Mastery

28 September, 2016

No matter what business you may choose, it is not an easy job to survive in today’s competitive market.

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Stay On Top of Your Finances with These 5 Tips

4 July, 2016

More and more young job seekers and entrepreneurs are opting to tier own finances these days.

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Business loans with bad credit

6 April, 2013

Bad credit is indeed a nasty blotch on your business loan application. With times as tough as they are, everyone, especially lenders, are looking out for their own survival. In other words, no one wants to do business with a business manager, with a bad record. What lenders are doing all over is insisting that loans are repaid in strict schedules which does not leave you room for extensions in time or funding. That is not to say that all hope is lost for you simply because you have bad credit. There is still a chance that you can turn the tables around.

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The importance of avoiding late repayment of credit card bills

19 September, 2012

Credit cards are a great way of managing finances. They offer instant loans with a low fee i.e. you just have to pay the 2.5 percent of the bill amount when you charge the card and then enjoy an interest free period of 51 days to repay the debt before the card company begins to charge an interest.

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Effectively repair your credit history

12 September, 2012

If you are in debt and unable to honour your financial commitments such as your mortgage or card bills, sometimes even your rent and utility bills, you have developed bad credit history. Each missed, or even late payment, is reported promptly to the credit bureaus who maintain your credit history and gleefully display it to anyone who looks it up when you approach them for a loan.

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Reasons people have bad credit

10 August, 2012

Having a good credit history can only be a boon. First of all, you will not have creditors knocking down your front door at odd hours of the day and night. Secondly, you will have easy access to cheap loans if and when you need them. And thirdly, both the above mentioned points offer you immense peace of mind.

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