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Dealing With Business Issues

6 July, 2012

Why do you face problems in your business?

Running a business is easier said than done. As the age-old proverb says “the grass is greener on the other side”, the same logic applies to running businesses successfully and for long periods of time. There are a number of things which must carefully be considered and evaluated, before going in for any business activity, big or small. The market is becoming extremely competitive and as per statistics and studies, it has been found that almost 5 out 10 businesses are not able to move into their second year. Furthermore, only 2 out 10 businesses are able to run successfully after 3 to 5 years of their commencement.

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Where to get loans for a small E-Commerce business?

4 July, 2012

Those who wish to start a small E-commerce business must have faced the trouble of getting loans for their business. Usually the interest rates of banks are quite high and not affordable. Approval conditions are also very strict and online businesses usually do not qualify it. Luckily, alternative methods of obtaining small business loans in Australia are available.

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The Viability of Small Business Bank Loans

29 June, 2012

Many potential entrepreneurs are hampered by one major factor, insufficient funds. There are several viable options that one can resort to raise funds to set up a new business. Some common alternatives include floating personal savings into the business, borrowing from a few friends and family while relying on the existing trust that you will repay once you start recording profits or significantly, knock on the doors of banks for a loan.

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