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The Debt Scenario in UK

8 January, 2014

Debt is a part and parcel of everyday life. However, it appears that many people, especially the new generation is not serious about managing it well. This in turn is bound to cause problems in the future, more so in the long term.

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Highest mortgage approval since 2008

1 January, 2014

The mortgage approvals are at the highest level in the last 51/2 years. 67,701 mortgages worth 10.5 million Euros were approved in October. The house price went up 6.5% in October and 6% in November.

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San Francisco’s growing pains

28 December, 2013

The mid-Market area, one of  S.F’s most crime ridden neighborhoods became the hub of tech companies after Mayor Edwin Lee in 2011 pushed through a payroll tax holiday for companies in mid-Market bringing in Twitter and 16 other companies, bringing thousands of jobs.  

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Traders wash away QBE by $4.2bn

25 December, 2013

QBE in trading halt to finalize review:

Insurance company QBE asserts that it can generate its devastating US business into an achievement after getting a near $1 billion reach and observing its stocks jump. Stunned traders responded brutally, wiping more than $4 billion right from the worth of one of the ASX’s 20 largest firms, with QBE stocks dropping $3.45 or 22.3 per cent, to $12.

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Securing a business loan

21 December, 2013

Every business requires cash to start, operate and sustain and achieving this is not an easy feat. It in fact manifests as a huge challenge for startups or new entrepreneurs. Most small business and startup loans range from $5000 to $5 Million.

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Not many takers for Business Loans

18 December, 2013

Until recently, it appeared that the efforts of the government to ensure easy access to funds, especially for small and medium businesses, had yielded good results. However, the latest data indicates that businesses’ enthusiasm to avail funds for new investments appears to be tapering off.

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How to cheat the 4% withdrawal rule?

14 December, 2013

According to the 4% withdraw rule, the retiree can withdraw 4% of money from his nest in the first year of retirement and the amount will be adjusted for inflation, every year. It is studied that people spend a lot less money in the later days of retirement than the first few years.

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Business Loans are now easier to obtain in the US

11 December, 2013

A survey of senior loan officers by the central bank reveals that the domestic banks in the US are now making changes in their policies so that it will become easier for businesses to procure funding. The survey also indicates that the competition among banks for business loans has been increasing lately. This bodes well for businesses of all sizes who were finding it hard to get financing for their business plans during the past few years due to the economic downturn.

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A Silver Lining in Energy Expenses

7 December, 2013

Frequent increases in energy bills have always been worrying consumers, especially the individuals, as it directly impacts their cost living. The government, which has been aware of this issue, has finally decided to bring about some reforms that would help bring down the energy bills.

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Fall in Australian dollar

30 November, 2013

The Australian currency has fallen six US cents steadily in the past 6 weeks. Today, at Noon, the local unit came down to 90.80 cents from 91.23 cents. With the expectation of tapering the economic stimulus in the US, the Australian dollar is taking a hit.

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