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Business owners not too optimistic

27 November, 2013

Low interest rate model for growth

The central bank has relied heavily on low interest rates and asset purchases to stimulate growth. This has worked to a certain extent with the economy showing some signs of recovery. Policies for lending money to businesses have been eased to a large extent, thus encouraging businesses to embark on expansion plans.

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Few steps to find a financial adviser

23 November, 2013

One of the best approaches for building wealth is to hire a financial advisers or planners. They help to set up investment plans, advice about insurances, estate planning and superannuation. You may be stuck with the thought: how to find a suitable financial adviser

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What to look in stocks before buying?

20 November, 2013

Most of the investors require one or two great companies in their portfolio to ensure long term success. How to find a good stock? Experts talk about qualities to look in a stock before buying it.

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Five steps to claim storm damage

16 November, 2013

Are you insured against storm damage? How do you make sure that your claim is successful? Here are five steps to follow, if your house is damaged by a storm and you possess insurance for it.

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Wall Street this week

13 November, 2013

What are the companies to be watched this week on Wall Street?  Companies like Facebook and Apple have a decent run up.  Many investors assure that the margin for error is slim, at the current rate.

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HMRC plans to track the non-payers

9 November, 2013

Less than 500,000 people have indicated HMRC that they own properties beyond their home. However, other sources show that more than 1.2 million people in Britain own more than one property. People are not declaring their properties, to avoid paying property income tax and gains tax.

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Non-bank lending to small businesses increasing

6 November, 2013

According to the latest reports available, non-bank lending to small businesses is the highest as of 2008. As a rising number of businesses are turning to alternate options, this is only going to increase. Several alternative sources like peer to peer lenders and invoice financing is finding more takers among the small business owners. While the governments’ new schemes for property buyers like Help to Buy has brought some respite to the people, small business owners still feel neglected by the government and mainstream lenders.

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Fill your closet without a financial drain on your wallet

2 November, 2013

Australians have saved money on garments through innovative ways

Nobody pays full price anymore. Australians have managed to save $12.2 billion on apparels, although this does not indicate the demand has reduced. People are finding new ways of saving money while shopping.

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How to start a food business?

30 October, 2013

Starting a new business of any kind is difficult and especially so when it’s a food related business. However, the continued popularity of cooking shows all over the world has led to many people setting out to realise their food dream. With the financial crisis gradually fading away, more lenders are ready to finance start-up businesses.

Here we will discuss some steps to consider, when starting a new food business.

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Five ways to save on clothing

26 October, 2013

With new fashion emerging every fortnight, Australians are trying to find a way to fill their wardrobes, without emptying their wallets. Here are five tips to save on clothing.

Online bazaar

Latest designs from all over the world are just a click away from the online buyers. The wait and watch approach eliminates the online buyers to buy clothes at a very less discount, while the normal shops still show the higher price. However, online shopping requires patience.

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