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How to Make the Best Choice as far as Retirement Plans are Concerned?

12 April, 2014

The people who are now young and have just started their career should remember that they will also be reaching the end of the road, the moment, they touch 60 years of age. They could be earning six figure incomes, even a month before retirement but after retirement, their incomes plummet and touch zero. It is therefore important to start saving for one’s retirement, well in advance.

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Is Another Lehman Episode Lurking In China?

9 April, 2014

Those who have been in touch with the latest happenings in China, would have come across the news of a mini-stimulus to give a slight nudge to the economy, which is certainly slowing down. While the results of the stimulus will be known only after a few months, the latest figures do show that all is not well in the Dragon country. The manufacturing indices show that it is contracting quite significantly. There also was a disturbing trend of corporate default, for the first time in the history of China. This certainly led many financial analysts and economists to believe whether another Lehman type of event for waiting to happen in this country. Although, such fears are far-fetched, still the warning signals are there for all to see.

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How to Avoid Overspending?

5 April, 2014

One can never have enough. Everyone likes to look up and change their lifestyle; some people even try to live the life they cannot afford and end up overspending. For some overspending is a kind of loss of control when they are on a shopping spree. Whatever might the reason for overspending be, it has its consequences; and to avoid a huge problem in the future one needs to correct the mistakes of the present. The rational way of dealing with problems is to know about them and then correcting them step by step.

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Take Control of Your Debt

2 April, 2014

Maintain a perfect bank account is not as easy as it sounds especially if you are new in the market. There are many ways in which people get caught up due to more cash outflow than inflow and as a result they find themselves in a dire situation. Many people who are looking for ways to reduce their debt have no plan or ideas on how to do it. That is why they fail to clear off their debt and are on the verge of bankruptcy. If you are also caught up in such sort of situation where you can find no immediate solution then it is better to retrace your steps and rectify all the problems.

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How to Finance Your Education?

29 March, 2014

Education after college becomes very expensive, especially if you intend to take admission in a specialized field, like medical, engineering, law or any other expensive area of literature. However, there are certain student loans and grants for specified fields and course designs. If you are interested in any of such student loans or scholarships you should start looking for one suiting you in all respects right away.

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How to Make the Most of Your Debit Card?

26 March, 2014

Debit cards were launched in 1987 and they have established since then a new financial trend on the market. They are now one of the most popular payments card with many consumers. They were initially developed as a convenient and cheap alternative to point-of-sale queues, and now the debit cards are used as a substitute for cash more and more.

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How to Finance Property Development?

19 March, 2014

If you are planning to own a property, either for personal use of constructing a home or for commercial purposes, like having the main company office for your business built somewhere, you would need thorough planning.

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Five Ways to Boost Income

15 March, 2014

Money is everything in the practical life in the USA. No matter how much one makes, it does not prove enough. A person usually gives all his potential to the business he is running to get extra money. But there are other ways that a person can try out to get his hands on extra money.

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How to Be Financially Successful?

12 March, 2014

It is the dream and biggest desire of every individual living on the surface of earth to enjoy life to the fullest. The best way to enjoy life is by fulfilling your wishes, like going on world tour, visiting various places of your choice, going on adventure trips and enjoying your ample time doing what pleases you the most. Every individual has a hobby but in order to relish each moment of your life you need to have enough resources. This is possible only if you start indulging yourself in ensuring your financial security from your mid twenties’.

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Do you know that you are your enemy when it comes to investment?

22 February, 2014

When it comes to investment, the investor himself is his worst enemy. The biggest threat for any investment manager or individual investor is not losing money. The threat is the difference from the peers. When they feel that they are standing out from the crowd, they tend to feel lost. The Telegraph tells people about investing wisely.

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