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Five Ways to Boost Income

15 March, 2014

Money is everything in the practical life in the USA. No matter how much one makes, it does not prove enough. A person usually gives all his potential to the business he is running to get extra money. But there are other ways that a person can try out to get his hands on extra money.

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How to Be Financially Successful?

12 March, 2014

It is the dream and biggest desire of every individual living on the surface of earth to enjoy life to the fullest. The best way to enjoy life is by fulfilling your wishes, like going on world tour, visiting various places of your choice, going on adventure trips and enjoying your ample time doing what pleases you the most. Every individual has a hobby but in order to relish each moment of your life you need to have enough resources. This is possible only if you start indulging yourself in ensuring your financial security from your mid twenties’.

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Do you know that you are your enemy when it comes to investment?

22 February, 2014

When it comes to investment, the investor himself is his worst enemy. The biggest threat for any investment manager or individual investor is not losing money. The threat is the difference from the peers. When they feel that they are standing out from the crowd, they tend to feel lost. The Telegraph tells people about investing wisely.

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How will i pay the loan when my house is deluged in flood?

19 February, 2014

RBS, HSBC and Santander are trying to help their customers who were affected by the floods. They have announced mortgage repayment holiday for the flood victims. NatWest, which was owned by RBS has approved 3 months holiday for mortgage payment for the people who were affected by the flood. If you want information on who you can pay off your loan, when you are affected by the floods, The Telegraph is the best place, to do so.

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How to save money for a holiday

15 February, 2014

Holidays are “family time”, which everyone looks forward to. There is a budget that people have for travel but is it possible to save some hundreds of pounds from it? Nicole Blackmore discusses how to save money on a holiday in The Telegraph.

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How to turn wishful thinking into success?

12 February, 2014

Most of us like to make resolutions, maybe of picking up good hobby, quitting up smoking or drinking or a financial resolution like buying a house or a car or paying off a debt. However, research shows that only around five percent of people are able to keep up with their resolutions. Christine Long in The Sydney Morning Herald tells us how to really achieve the financial goal that we have set up.

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How to cut down on the spending impulse?

8 February, 2014

How often do we end up buying things that we really don’t need, but the impulse to buy is too high! There are a lot of occasions where we don’t think before acting. Thanks to Christine Long in The Sunday Morning Herald for showing exactly how to overcome that spending demon.

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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

5 February, 2014

Online financial transactions have their own vulnerabilities. Our dependence on technology and social media has altered our perception of living in every aspect. You do not have to stand in queues in order to register yourself anywhere.  However, The Telegraph suggests that it is cost effective and consumes less time, and poses a major threat. Identity theft is not easily detectable unless we see appalling consequences.

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Keep a check on celebration spending

29 January, 2014

With celebrations around the corner, the wallet would feel thin and weightless. Make sure to approach Christmas and New Year is a financially healthy way, by keeping a tab on few expenses. Yahoo journalist David Koch believes that these tips would help to keep your spending, within your budget.

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Osborne’s new quiet revolution

25 January, 2014

Osborne has started a new quiet revolution by cutting down the corporate tax. He said that the new HMRC would increase the investment and the economic growth. After knowing about the autumn statement, the people would have different opinions about the tax cut.

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