Competing with Local Businesses

23 January, 2013

Business is all about managing resources and holding onto your nerves at times others can’t. It is what differentiates a successful businessman from ordinary ones. While competition is evident in today’s world, a business firm has to find out ways for dealing with that. As far as competing with local business is concerned consider it as an opportunity for your improvement and testing your mettle and quality against the odds. Be optimistic, innovative and mindful. Following points may help out while competing in local market.


When starting a successful business venture, it all comes down to the initial planning. Here you should assess all the possible risks involved, how your finance will be managed, marketing, etc. Organising a finance plan should always remain a priority as every successful business idea requires the funding behind it to function. Maintain good connections and positive relationships with financiers and banks. This will help you get the loans for business you require, especially as business loans unsecured in Australia can be fairly difficult to obtain.

Develop some specialty:

It doesn’t matter that you have been doing the same business for ages, remember that competition ask for something unique to come out on top. You can’t just go on with your orthodox method of business and continue with same zeal as earlier. You need something new that your competitor can’t offer. That is something that will attract your customer and help retain your existing customer.


Many people might think that it is not an option for small business. Well, it’s certainly not as budget restricts you yet it can be done within constraints. While most of the local firms might not consider it as an option you could opt for it in an affordable manner like pamphlets, promotional products etc. Social media might play a deciding role here. You can start a social media campaign to introduce your new products as well as communicate with your customers listening to their suggestions and improvements they want .

Customer service:

Perhaps the most important factor in market competition. You need to make sure your customer keeps on coming to you and it can only be done by satisfying him enough that he makes up his mind to give up tour competitor and come straight to you. Your employees play a great role here as they are the one dealing with your customer. Establish good terms with your employees so that they may serve you well as well your customers.

Visual Aspect:

Your focus should be on quality yet you should not forget that appearance does matter here. A clean and well decorated place will most likely attract customers rather than a filthy place.


Here is something that if not most, 90% of the customers look for. While it may not be monetarily advantageous to you it will help you cope with your rival firm. You don’t have to keep going with it all the way. Give it some time, establish your value, invoke trust in your customers and then you could get back what you have given. There could be discounts coupons, prizes and lucky draw sort of things that might help you.

Keep Improving:

Mark your weak points, try to improve on them. You also have to highlight your rival’s weaknesses and exploit them as better as you can. Remember, as far as improvement is concerned there is always some space for more. Keep on filling that space and you will be on top.

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