Fill closet with no financial drain on wallet

2 November, 2013

Australians have saved money on garments through innovative ways

Nobody pays full price anymore. Australians have managed to save $12.2 billion on apparels, although this does not indicate the demand has reduced. People are finding new ways of saving money while shopping.

A few ways of shopping, to save money

1)      Shopping online

The internet has enabled citizens to purchase novel designs from US and Europe, by simply a few clicks. In order to avoid overspending, one should make a list and stick to it. You should have a fixed budget and see to it that you do not cross the budget.  The prices usually tend to be low around the festival season like Christmas. It is necessary not to fall prey to impulsive buying as the move will prove costly. Summer dresses, for example, came down from $200 to $29 and this could be achieved through a wait and watch approach. Online shopping is much more beneficial than shopping at the local shops as the varieties and price offered at online shops, is unparalleled.

2)      Subscription Fashion

The sale of the ‘subscription fashion’ model is growing and many people are keen on helping it grow further. Online vendors ask for a fee subscription and then offer a variety of garments, in exchange. As compared to cost of the subscription paid, the garments are a steal. This business model is encouraging entrepreneurship. To cite an example, an entrepreneur Madeline Veenstra has set her eyes on the females who are under the age of 35, for her products, which includes a handbag, garment and jewelry for as low as $75.

3)      Visiting Overseas

One of the disadvantages of living in Australia is that the fashion trends arrive here a season late, as compared to the US and Europe. Smart travelers convert this to their advantage and plan their trips to the Northern hemisphere to co-inside with the shopping season, in the host country. There are many entrepreneurs who pick up the clothes at a hefty discount of up to 60% and then sell them at a discount of around 30% in Australia.


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