Finding reliable sources of capital in Sydney

25 September, 2013

Even in a great city like Sydney, finding reliable and legitimate sources of capital can become incredibly difficult. There are a number of sources providing business loans, at competitive interest rates. Few of them are:

1. Bank of Sydney

Bank of Sydney, formerly known as the Beirut Hellenic Bank, provides business loans for meeting initial capital expenses and also for any subsequent expansions. They have very flexible terms, to meet every individual’s needs. With a wide variety of repayment options, they are one of the leading banks in Australia.

2. Other Banks

There are many banks which are popular with business loan providers in Australia.  In addition to the initial capital, they also provide assistance for any other business related activities.

3. Government Loans and Scholarships

The City of Sydney provides several grants and scholarships to assist businesses, especially small ones. They are- finegrain matching grants, business event sponsorship, village business partnership grants, shopfront improvement grants, and commercial creative events sponsorship.

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