Five steps to claim storm damage

16 November, 2013

Are you insured against storm damage? How do you make sure that your claim is successful? Here are five steps to follow, if your house is damaged by a storm and you possess insurance for it.

Your house is the first priority

Do not wait for your insurer to show the green flag. Do the necessary work like fixing gas leakage or flooding. Make sure to save the receipts for the works to reimburse it.

Log your claim

Contact your insurer helpline and log your claim. While logging your claim, make sure to give a detailed report of damage and the required repairs. Some insurance providers arrange tradesmen to choose electricians and plumbers on your behalf.

Take photos or video

Take photos or videos as a proof to support your claim. It is also better to keep samples of your damaged possession as evidence. It can also help to show the quality of the products you own.

Find an alternative roof

If your house is heavily damaged and not fit for accommodation, make sure to find an alternative place to stay. Some insurers make arrangement in hotels or boarding houses. Do not book rooms, without consulting your insurer.

Get a lost adjuster

The company will send a loss adjuster within 24 hours, to inspect the damage. There is a chance of damages to slip within the time frame. Make sure you talk to your insurer regularly and update him.

Source: make-a-claim.html

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