Five ways to save on clothing

26 October, 2013

With new fashion emerging every fortnight, Australians are trying to find a way to fill their wardrobes, without emptying their wallets. Here are five tips to save on clothing.

Online bazaar

Latest designs from all over the world are just a click away from the online buyers. The wait and watch approach eliminates the online buyers to buy clothes at a very less discount, while the normal shops still show the higher price. However, online shopping requires patience.

Second hand shopping

Secondhand does not mean that all the dresses are dirty or people only give away crappy stuffs. There are a lot of designer dresses that can be bought at a much lower cost than it’s original retail prices. Most of the dresses are hardly worn says Hollands, veteran second hand shopper.

Jocks monthly underwear club

This club was introduced a year ago. People pay $21.95 per month for premium jocks and designer trunks. Buying in bulk help the vendor to provide a 30 % discount!

Overseas travelers

Canny travelers buy in bulks of cloths in the clearance sales in the northern hemisphere and bring back the clothes for a higher discount to Australia.

Clearance sale

Focus on the clearance sale, to save few dollars on every purchase. Some shops give bulk discounts like 50% off says Shara Thornton, clearance purchaser.


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