How Do I Use My Credit Report?

26 April, 2014

Most of the people go for the loan or debt when it comes to go for money. There are a number of ways through which you can get the debt easily but the serious complication arises when you have to dispute the debt. It is therefore very important to cover all the minor details about the dispute before presenting your case to the company that has granted you with the loan. All the documentation must be completed before presenting it to the dealers, debt-collectors or the company.

Having a credit report

The most important document that you are required to have is the credit report. Credit report is actually a document that has all the information about all the kind of finances. When it comes to resolving the deb t dispute credit report can prove to be very useful if you actually learn about how to use first of all have your credit report. If you do not have your current credit report you can easily ask from the company by contacting through internet. Some companies offer their credit reports online. All you need to do is to provide your information and you will get your report within a few days.

How to use?

First of all check all the basic information like name, date of birth, address and other such personal information. Verify all the information and if you find any error in it immediately report or notify it. The negative information in the credit report can lead to further complications in disputing the debt. It is therefore very important to cut down such information. Incorrect credit limits, negative accounts and negative co-signed accounts can impact badly on your report. Therefore try to provide minimum of that information.

Disputing the debt

While disputing the loan you will have to remove all the negative information from your statement and you can use the credit report to resolve all your issues. Verification of all information is very important. The main reason is that if you fail to verify the information it can lead to further issues. According to the law if a company has any issue the company is provided with a period of thirty days after that if the company is failed to provide the proof regarding the dispute it is resolved. So to resolve any kind of issues a person must have the credit report with the all the positive features.

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