How the Economy Affects Small Businesses?

20 February, 2013

The economy today has had a big effect on businesses, from all around the world. Even big companies like GM or Chrysler have gone through troubles, the previous year because of the economic situation. Due to the change in how businesses have been succeeding and failing, the more business-minded entrepreneurs have been asking around and doing some research on what businesses can withstand the current recession and what businesses are not very likely to stand strong, during these times.

A lot of people who have asked these questions ask professional bankruptcy lawyers for guidance and information. Businesses which are starting out, should be wise to get this information as well, since a lot of new businesses today, have a very difficult time, lasting a single year. This is resulting in many small businesses and major corporations to heavily rely on small business loans and lines of credit in Australia. Learn more about how the economy has affected and continues to affect small time businesses with this article.

Big Industries Falling to the Company

In the large car industry, a lot of big companies have filed for bankruptcy. Two of the most known companies globally, Chrysler and General Motors, have fallen to bankruptcy, as a result of economic crisis. Sales in a number of places have declined greatly for both of these companies causing a number of plants being forced to shutdown. The government has even placed a bailout, plan for these companies to help them financially, since those plants that closed have affected a lot of jobs.

The Economy’s Effects on Small Businesses

Small businesses are also struggling, very hard, to keep with the times. Many businesses have had to terminate a great deal of their employees as well as give pay cuts, just to be able to operate more effectively, in these financially difficult times. Businesses start relying on relationships with different banks for new business loan in order to sustain business. In the housecleaning business for instance, there has been a significant change, due to the bad economy. Employees in this business have had reductions at up to 50 percent and many of these housecleaners just decide to quit their job, because of the lousy pay. The effect in the housecleaning business also affects the market in housecleaning. People who want to have good quality housecleaning services are left with mediocre services from reluctant housecleaning employees.

Businesses That Have Grown Because of the Economy

While there are many of companies which have been doing poorly, there are actually some companies which have improved over the years, due to the economic recession. Businesses dealing with consignment sales are one example as these businesses benefit from the difficulties that other businesses experience. Consignments of many goods including furniture, clothing and even cars have become strong businesses. A lot of people go to consignment companies to get rid of certain things for a little extra cash. Consignment businesses have become stronger because of that.

Fixing the Problem

Areas with a poor rating in the economy are encouraged to try to put more money back into their economy, to weaken, if not break, the recession and its vicious cycle. If people cannot start spending their money again, the recession will continue to be a problem. Over the past decade, the rate of businesses filing bankruptcy has never been so high. For all business owners who are falling short, it could be very helpful to have professional attorneys who can handle things such as filing for bankruptcy to help you.

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