How to get a Business Loan

20 July, 2012

Starting any business needs investment and you can arrange the investment money by taking a loan. Unfortunately, lenders are becoming very cautious in giving loans as most businesses are not able to survive these days. Obviously, the lender should have confidence in your business otherwise s/he will deny your loan application. So what can you do to earn his trust? Here are some tips that will help you in getting loans for business.

Make a business plan

Before requesting a bank for loan, you need to make a complete business plan. Making a business plan will give you an idea of the amount you need and when and how will you be able to pay that amount along with the interest. It would be a wiser approach if the business plan covers several years. Mention an estimate of your profit and expenses as well as some other vital factors.

What should your business plan contain?

The business plan you make must be a detailed and an organized plan. If possible, also write down how much you plan to progress every month in the time frame written. The easier it is for the lender to understand your business plan, the better are the chances of you getting a loan. Recheck the plan and make sure you haven’t missed anything. If you have taken a loan previously for a business which went successful, show it to the bank as it will increase their confidence in you. If you have done it one time, you can surely do it again.

What interests your lender?

There are few things in which your lenders are most interested: Business and feasibility, credit history and experience and education. There are some requirements which you are to follow when applying for your business loan. Bring your income tax returns along with you. Do not forget to bring your personal identification documents. You should be successful in showing the bank your abilities of taking care of the business and your expertise and experience in making sure it grows. If you are a fresher, it may be a little bit hard for you but a convincing business plan can help you a lot. Also be noted that there are different requirements for different business loan types.

Importance of credit history and choosing a collateral property

Borrowers with a good credit history shouldn’t face much problem but the ones who do not have a good credit score might find it hard to convince the lenders. Obviously, lenders won’t feel secured in giving them a loan. You also have to decide the property which will be used as collateral if you are unable to pay back the loan. The larger the loan, the more valuable the collateral has to be.

Make necessary preparations

Before you go to apply, you have to prepare yourself for the questions that the lender will ask. The main questions are: What amount you need? How will the money be spent? For how long is the money needed? When will the loan and interest be paid back? Only give true answers in a convincing way. Follow these tips and you will definitely get a loan for your business.

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