How to Look After Your Personal Finances?

15 September, 2014

Managing your personal finances is something vital for your financial security. You do not have to take economics classes to be able to do that; you just need to be wise and focused. All you have to do is cover a series of basic rules, such as answering some questions. Keep your life organized by getting your finances in order and look after them! Just take these simple, smart tips into consideration.

Look out for your daily expenses

The daily expenses have the most influence on your personal finances, even though you may not realize that. If you do no pay close attention, you may end up spending too much on the first week of the month and sink in debt the rest of the month. The best thing to do is record your daily expenses, so you will know how much you spend, and which are the items you buy the most. Plus, you will be surprised on how many unnecessary things you can cut out.

Are credit cards necessary?

If you know you are not a disciplined person, then credit cards may not be for you. If, however, find credit cards necessary, then watch out for your credit debts. You should avoid getting any by being self-disciplined about it. Never delay the credit card payments and never buy anything you know you cannot afford! Credit cards are not necessary if you use them to splurge on unnecessary things.

Make rules

If you know you are the type of person that spends much then is time to make some rules about your personal finances. The rules should be personalized on your own lifestyle, but there are some examples you can follow:

  • “Two-week rule”– This rule is very useful if you use to make a lot of window shopping or to buy useless items when you go grocery shopping, for example. The “two-week rule” is meant to prevent you from buying lots of unnecessary stuff. It works like that: if you go into a store and feel the urge to buy a T–shirt or a skirt for example, stop from buying and return in two weeks to purchase it if you really want it;
  • “The grocery list rule” – Never go grocery shopping without a list! You can apply the rule to any kind of shopping if you know you can spend too much in shops;
  • “The sum per day rule” – Allow yourself a certain sum everyday you can spend. If you spend more, you will not be allowed to spend anything the next day.


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