How to reduce your cable bill?

20 August, 2014

In 1995, the cable bill was $22 per month. Today, the basic cable bill is $100 and with other services like internet, the bill would reach $200. The cable bill has risen to become one of the elements of every household’s budget. The most common way that people use to reduce the cable bill is to discontinue the cable connection service and use the internet for watching the shows.

The price rise

In 2013, the basic cable service was $66. When compared to the price in 2012, the bill has risen by 5.1%. By the end of the year, the price was $77.05. In the last decade, the price was increased by 65%. If you plan to watch the shows online, you would need a high speed internet connection. You need to buy it again from the cable company and there would be no considerable decrease in the bill.

Is cable the only option?

Cable is not the only way to power up your TV. You can use antennas which would reduce the cost. However, for most of the people, switching from cable, is a very big transition.

Tips to reduce the bill

Here are a few ways to avoid the cable bill from drilling a big hole in your wallet.

a)      Change the plan. Remove the channels which you seldom watch. You might have signed up for the news channel and end up not watching it. Remove the elements that you are not using.

b)      Check whether you need the digital video recorder or the HD service. The equipment cost and the HD service would increase your bill. Remove the HD service if your TV screen is small.

c)      Call the cable company and enquire about the each element in the bill.

d)     You can also enquire about any money saving plans are available. The cable companies do not market those plans, unless asked for.

Even if you save $40 from your bill, you would be saving hundreds of dollars per year. Remember that the cable companies are fighting to retain their customers and would obviously be happy to show you some money saving techniques to keep you from jumping to other companies. If your service provider has a lot of hidden fees, then switching the service provider would be a better option. Though it pulls in a lot of work and time to switch the provider, it is worth the mess, as you would be saving a considerable amount of money.

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