How to save money in home renovation?

26 July, 2014

Home renovation is not just a point of luxury. One needs to know that this would increase the value of the house. If not done properly, it would reduce the value of the house. However, after spending the last dollar possible on the mortgage, Australians have to find a way to renovate their house, without spending much.

Lowest quote is not the best

People usually would ask you to shop around, compare between the renovators and choose the most economic quote. However, experts confirm that the lowest quote is not the best one. Check for the insurance, certification and guarantee before you accept the proposal. Any blunder in the renovation can cost a lot more money. You should make sure that the company that you are picking would not put you in that situation.

Upfront deposits

Do not pay the contractors up front. The value of money is what that makes them complete the work soon. If you take away that motivation, then the speed of the work would be quite slow. At the same time, if the upfront cost is in your bank account for a few months before you pay them, you would have a small interest out of it.

Winter is the best season

Summer is when people usually hire contractors for renovation and thus, the contractors would be very busy during summer and you need to pay competitive prices to get the quote. However, during the winter, you might be the only one offering them, business. This would give you a higher hand in negotiating.

You destroy and they build

You need not pay extra for destroying the current structure, when you can do it with a sledge hammer. This is also said to help reduce the stress. When it comes to renovation, it is better to do it yourself, as much as possible. For instance, cleaning after the renovation would take another service provider who would charge you will a bill.  However, if you can start cleaning one room a day, you can save a lot of money and also the things would be done with uttermost care, because, it is your house and you would naturally clean it properly


You can swap or sell the things which are considered as a waste when you renovate. There is always a client waiting to buy the things that you discard while renovating. Surf the internet to know whether you have a client for your scrap products. Making a little money out of things that are meant to be thrown out, is profit.

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