How to work with your business partners coherently

5 June, 2012

Administrating a business can be a tough job. You have to handle numerous tasks from day to day and this means that the work is cut out for you. For many entrepreneurs it seems rational to get a partner that will not only share the cost of the business but also in fact share the responsibilities that come with it. If you are in such type of an arrangement it is imperative that you have the basic understanding of how to handle business partners. The reason is simple. If there is a synergy between the partners the business will be productive and efficient but if there happens to be conflict and disagreement then the overall management will also be affected.

Partnership Agreement:

For you to make a streamlined partnership it is imperative that you create an agreement or accord that all the partners will have a share in designing. This agreement will be the standard or bible for them to go to if there is any disagreement or confusion regarding their rules and functions of the business. It is advised that both parties bring their lawyers for the sake of avoiding any kind of frustration later. This will help to furnish an agreement that will be acceptable and formal.

Importance of Legal Documents:

Since the partner role will be in monetary terms it is important for all the parties to have a legal document that will be prepared after the consensus of all the parties and holds the information about controlling share and also about the influence each will have on the business. Also it has been observed by years of research that partnerships have succeeded in cases where there are unequal shares of the partner. That is one party will have the controlling share of the business. This is due to the fact that if there is indeed a disagreement between the two, one has the authority to have the final say on the matter. Having legal documents that contain all these aspects help in getting the binding of both the parties to effectively work with each other.

Making Vision of the business:

It works best for a business to have its vision. This helps not only the employees to know where their hard work is headed but also helps the partners in coherently working with each other by knowing where they must take the business. Obviously in partnership business it is important to get all the parties aligned on the same vision. This is why it is advised that when choosing a partner try to get one that you have known for many years. By doing some brainstorming with various visions and ideas on the table you can do some serious bottom line consideration with your partner to get to the best vision for the business.

When in Conflict, mediate

It is for the best for the partners to get a fresh perspective on how to run the business if they have a conflict that was not covered in the accord that they signed. This is the reason it is best to nominate a mediator that will be impartial in the assessment of the conflict and providing the ideal solution for it.

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