Indicators that It Is Time for a Career Change

30 May, 2012

One of the toughest decisions in anyone’s professional life is to change careers. It calls for a lot of considerations, self assessment and determination to make that move you have been entertaining for a long time. Before you quit your current career for another one, are you sure you really want to move? What is the motivation behind your career change? The following considerations should help make the right decision and assess whether the time is ripe for a career switch.

Unhappy With Your Job

This is one of the main indicators that time may be ripe for a career switch. In the initial days of any career, many people would look forward to getting to the office and do what they love most. Healthy career can be realized when the traffic is not a bother at all, waking up in the wee hours, sleeping late planning for the following day’s work, staying late in the office, always thinking on ways of improving on your job and realize better returns, among other exciting reasons. However, after sometime, the excitement wears out and your bed gets warmer in the morning. The traffic makes you sick and everything in the office appear dull. You lose interest in your job, and the only reason you still drag yourself to the office is to appear working and look forward to the payday. Buddy, time is ripe for you to move elsewhere.

You Trained as an Accountant, but You are an English Teacher

Job scarcity has done a lot of harm to the many people’s careers. Over 40% professionals in the world are in the wrong professionals. Graduates teachers work in the banks as cashiers or selling bank loans. Accountants are working as tutors in town colleges. Journalists are into graphic design. Graduate engineers can be spotted marketing products. Professionalism has really been messed up and you work wondering why you had to spend 3 or 4 years pursuing a degree course you have never utilized in the job market. If you are part of the mix, and you are forced into your current job because that is what fate offered, you have enough reasons to develop your career and pursue a profession you are competent in.

The Passion Lies Elsewhere

This is the opposite of the above reason. For one reason or another, you pursued a course at the university for lack of a better option. Maybe your parents wouldn’t allow you do anything else in campus and since they were paying the school fees, you had no option but to obey. Or you didn’t qualify for the university intake at that time and now you do. You have a job yes, but your passion lies elsewhere. With a little training in your area of interest, you may find a breakthrough to your ideal professional. You may take a postgraduate diploma and swiftly move to where your heart wants to be.

Office Politics

Many people are not happy in their current work stations and careers because of the colleagues they have to endure. Some have very arrogant bossy superiors. Other office mates are petty gossipers or some other office related reasons that make you uncomfortable. If this is the case, it is time to run. Look for greener pastures elsewhere and if you are unhappy with the career altogether, as it affects your productivity.

Venturing on your own

If you believe you fit into any of these categories, perhaps it is time for a career change. Most people finding it difficult to find their ideal job often consider other alternatives. Perhaps they could make a living off of stock investments, or even start their own firm. If you’re wishing to venture into the latter, then funding is a vital part of this endeavor. Consider options such as loans for business in order to get the necessary capital to start your own business. You could even potentially create more jobs for people who were stuck in the same position you were.

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