Keep a check on celebration spending

29 January, 2014

With celebrations around the corner, the wallet would feel thin and weightless. Make sure to approach Christmas and New Year is a financially healthy way, by keeping a tab on few expenses. Yahoo journalist David Koch believes that these tips would help to keep your spending, within your budget.

Gift limitation

Play secret Santa or other options and limit one gift per person. Thus, your budget for gifts would not tear off your roof. This is a best way to buy something, very special for each person. Do not spend money on cards and wrapping paper.

Christmas at home

Make sure that your plans of celebration would not pull in more expenses. Try to celebrate the day with your dear ones in an affordable way. Take them to a park or picnic or some outdoor festivals.

Reward programs

Insurance companies, credit cards and other memberships would provide many discounted or free offers around the festival time. Make sure to use the offers as required, to reduce your spending by a few dollars.

This might be well known tips but people tend to get silly around festivals and spend a lot. This would leave them without a dime, for the next year. Before you could know, there would be Valentine’s Day, Easter and your credit card bills would be piling up.

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