Know these tips before choosing a life insurance

6 September, 2014

Life insurance is a way to ensure the financial stability of your loved ones, after your death. They would need money for everything from medical care to education. More than 146 million life insurance policies are active, as per the reports, in 2012. However, in the last two years, the number of people opting for life insurance has decreased. People do not want to buy something which would not give them a better coverage and this is the main reason for the decrease in the number of life insurance policies. Here are a few things to note before choosing a life insurance.


There are a lot of options, when it comes to life insurance: income replacement when the main bread earner dies, survivor benefits and also parents buying insurance for the kids. There are a lot of flexible products, today. Supplement to retirement income, death benefits, educational financing and long term care financing are the few benefits which most of the people look for.


The coverage amount is a very essential factor of any insurance. Determine how much the insurance would be paying your family, after you. Take your goals into consideration, like, educating a child, home loan, wife with medical conditions and others. Figure out the amount of money you would be earning, if you were there to support them and compare it with the coverage amount. Estimate your needs before choosing the insurance. Your insurance would not cover all the needs. You should not fall for the agents who oversell the products.

Buying early

The cost of the life insurance is not affected by income, saving or the credit rating. It is determined by the medical condition and the age. Thus, it is better to take up the life insurance as early as possible, before an offset of any medical condition. A person in his 20s would be paying less for the life insurance than a person in his 40s.

Get help from the pros

There are a lot of different coverage plans and you cannot buy all the insurance and pay premium for it. You need to know which insurance is the best choice for your goals and lifestyle. It is always better to seek the professional help to learn about the policies. The professional can be your financial adviser, your parent with a strong insurance knowledge or an insurance agent who would give you unbiased advice without overselling his product. Learn about the rates, terms and conditions, in detail.

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