Managing Your Business Cash Flows

28 November, 2012

Many business owners easily believe that profits should be given the first priority when it comes to managing business cash flows. Although profits signify the viability of the business, the business should not just be after making profits but rather focus on other important business factors such as customer satisfaction as well as timely payment of debts. If the business is unable to pay its bills using its extra profit leftovers then it is at a higher risk of losing financial support from lenders.

Conducting proper checks

You need to put in place proper checks as well as balances to help you manage your cash flow more effectively. This can be well achieved by creating a check book with debit cash flows on one side and credit cash flows on the other. This will ensure that the income and outgo will not be mixed and thus enable easy cash flow management. Some issues which are usually not accounted for do arise and can greatly impact the business’s profits. Besides, if your suppliers fall short of products, then your business will lack adequate stock to cater for the needs of customers. Suppliers could also request for early payments which could affect the financial calculations of the business. Also if your debtors are unable to make payments on time then the business will not be in a position to pay its own bills on time.

Budgeting efficiently for a business

Creating a budget is among the most important ways in managing your business’s cash flows. The budget reflects an estimate of all the income and outgoes of your business. You can keep an eye on the progression of the business to be able to identify the main sources of cash flows. Besides, you will pinpoint the area where the business can make potential cash flows efficiently.

You can renegotiate the payment terms with your suppliers to eliminate the issue of early payment and instead extend more products for longer durations if you pay in total for goods on time.

Sometimes however, budget isn’t enough, and temporary loans can instead have a great long term effect on your business. The immediate boost to your cash flow during a crucial moment could mean making better partnerships or acquiring the best shop locations. Small loans for Australian businesses from most Australian banks can help you achieving this.

Growth and expansion

Growth and expansion forms the biggest achievements of the business; it is also the biggest business expense. It will cost you a significant amount of money as well as time when your business branches out into other businesses in other locations. Although business expansion will generate more revenue in the long term, it will greatly affect your cash flow to see it to that level.

Ensuring a more productive as well as profitable business, your outflow will higher than inflow and this might significantly affect your business’s operations. Analyzing keenly your cash flows will help you make sound decisions when it comes to expanding your business. Consider the best options to increasing your overall output cash flow to expand the business, through either small business loans or investors. You should manage well your cash flow in order to exploit emerging opportunities for the growth of your business.

Managing as well as analyzing your cash flows well enables you to know the financial structure of your business. Controlling appropriately the income and outgo of your business will attract investors to fund and participate in the operations of the business.

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