Mitigating risks involved with business loans

8 March, 2013

Business loans are one of the best options in developing businesses. In some cases the business loans have been identified as the main cause of the deceasing of companies; that is the companies were unable to settle the loans in time, in which case the lending institution had to take over the company and sell it to retrieve the loan.

How does the risk arrive on stage?

Banks and other lending institutions offer a number of business loans. All of them are meant to help develop your business, so that you live a happy life. But every entrepreneur should remember that these institutions are doing this, simply because they gain through the loans. They lend you for one reason; they earn.  Imagine, if those institutions never had a benefit, would they lend you? So before deciding to get an unsecured business loan in Australia, sit down and calculate the course. 

Most people “Imagine” the profit they will get; so they think they can settle the loan very simply; wrong, they should calculate. The most common reason why a business loan becomes a risk is that the entrepreneur does not use the entire loan for the proposed reasons; they use one loan to settle another! Some people even buy Sports Utility Vehicles in business loans; definitive indicators of failure. Sometimes when the loan is in hand, the entrepreneur gets a “better” idea for the money, and changes the plan; well, that changes the result. In some cases, everything goes right but unexpectedly some accidents take place and immobile properties are destroyed in the accidents like natural disasters or fire; too bad that most business owners do not have a plan B for a bad time. Well there should be a plan B; what if everything goes wrong?

Mitigation measures

First of all, decide if the loan is really necessary or can you run the business slowly to catch up later without getting a loan. If you can do it without a loan, that is the best way to avoid problems. If you really need the loan; what is it for? The reason should be only to develop the business, any other reasons; say no to you. Plan what you are going to do with the money before you get the money. Go for as minimum amount as possible. Go for as medium time frame for settlement as possible. If you agree to settle in too short time frame, you will have to settle in large sumps and you might not complete the mission. If you select too lengthy time period, the interest may actually go higher than the original loan amount. Go for the medium term and you will be safe both sides.

Safeguard yourself with a reasonable insurance to your business; anything goes! If all else fails, cut your business to the needed level, sell assets settle the loan, start from a lower level; it may be late, but do it before it is too late and you will have to lose your business in full.

Advantages of business loans

If you own a business one of the advantages of taking a business loan is that personally, you will not be liable for the loan’s payment. Since it is a corporate entity if it has difficulties paying the loan, it is the one that is declared bankrupt and not you as a person. Again, the loan size is usually bigger especially for those with good credit scores. The business can be awarded a serious amount that will have will significantly influence its growth.

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