Need More Cash Flowing into Your Business? Of Course, You Do!

16 October, 2017

Understanding where the money your business is making goes is essential to the success of every business that intends to thrive.  As a business owner, this is a responsibility that you can’t ignore.  Taking control and finding ways that help you increase your business’ cash flow is always advisable and should be consistently at the top of your priority list.

Before you can gain control of your business’ finances you must understand your expenses and income and how they relate to your business’ needs.


List your expenses and expected income


Take the time to sit down and list your expenses and income on a monthly and yearly basis.  This will help you determine if you will be earning enough money to keep up with the bills that you will be responsible for.  It will also make you aware of the months that you may need to carefully watch your spending so you can ensure that you will meet your financial responsibilities.


Evaluate the cost of your inventory


How much is the inventory you have costing you?  Finding the right balance between your inventory and its cost can be a little trick for some business owners.  You don’t want too much and you can’t have too little.  You need to be able to have enough inventory to keep up with your client’s needs, but not so much that you are incurring additional costs.  Listing your inventory and the expense that is incurred with it will help you determine how much of that item you should keep in stock and which items you do not necessarily need to keep so much of.


Define your policies on payments

Setting up your payment policies gives you the ability to know the amount of income you can expect from your clients and when you will be receiving that money.  This makes listing your expenses and expected income much easier.

Try to create a payment schedule for your vendors

When it’s possible try to make payment arrangements according to your payment policy.  This will help ensure that you will be receiving income when your bills are due so you can rest assured knowing that money will be coming in.

Now that you have gained a better understanding of your business’ cash flow, it’s time to take control and effectively manage them.


Develop an effective accounting system


It is recommended to use an online accounting system that will keep track of your expenses and income automatically.  This way you are eliminating the possibility of human error, that could result in incorrect accounting.


If an online accounting system is not for you, turn to a professional


If you don’t want to utilize an online accounting system, and are not comfortable in your ability to manage your accounts appropriately, then considering hiring a professional accountant could be the right choice for your business.


Where can you cut costs?


Take a good look at the amount of money you are spending to keep your business up and running.  Are they all necessary?  Can you find a less costly option?  Looking at your expenses and finding ways to save money is an excellent way to improve cashflow.


Be prepared for the worst-case scenario


Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we have planned.  Have a plan that will allow you to be able to meet your financial responsibilities in a pinch whether it’s a credit card or other line of credit that will get you through tough times.