How to cut down on the spending impulse?

8 February, 2014

How often do we end up buying things that we really don’t need, but the impulse to buy is too high! There are a lot of occasions where we don’t think before acting. Thanks to Christine Long in The Sunday Morning Herald for showing exactly how to overcome that spending demon.

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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

5 February, 2014

Online financial transactions have their own vulnerabilities. Our dependence on technology and social media has altered our perception of living in every aspect. You do not have to stand in queues in order to register yourself anywhere.  However, The Telegraph suggests that it is cost effective and consumes less time, and poses a major threat. Identity theft is not easily detectable unless we see appalling consequences.

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Keep a check on celebration spending

29 January, 2014

With celebrations around the corner, the wallet would feel thin and weightless. Make sure to approach Christmas and New Year is a financially healthy way, by keeping a tab on few expenses. Yahoo journalist David Koch believes that these tips would help to keep your spending, within your budget.

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Osborne’s new quiet revolution

25 January, 2014

Osborne has started a new quiet revolution by cutting down the corporate tax. He said that the new HMRC would increase the investment and the economic growth. After knowing about the autumn statement, the people would have different opinions about the tax cut.

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GE Asked To Pay 34 Mio USD To Its Credit Card Customers

22 January, 2014

GE Capital has its task cut out as it has been ordered to pay punitive damages of around $34 Mio USD to its customers in USA. The main reason for being asked to pay these damages is because of the deceptive manner in which it enrolled unsuspecting customers under its credit card enrolment scheme. The order has been passed by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The ruling will also be applicable to Care Credit, which is a subsidiary of GE Capital

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Increase in unemployment benefit claims

18 January, 2014

The number of citizens who are seeking the unemployment benefits has increased to 68 thousand in the last week. This accounts to total of 368 thousand unemployment benefit claims. The department of labor announced that the four week average rose to 328 thousand.

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Low close for Australian market prior to the federal meeting

15 January, 2014

The Australian stock market closed lower prior to the Federal Reserve meeting, says journalists at Yahoo Finance. The Federal meeting is forecasted to affect the investment in Australia. It is considered that some overseas news have driven the market today. The Federal Reserve meeting is planned to be held on Thursday of this week.

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The Debt Scenario in UK

8 January, 2014

Debt is a part and parcel of everyday life. However, it appears that many people, especially the new generation is not serious about managing it well. This in turn is bound to cause problems in the future, more so in the long term.

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Highest mortgage approval since 2008

1 January, 2014

The mortgage approvals are at the highest level in the last 51/2 years. 67,701 mortgages worth 10.5 million Euros were approved in October. The house price went up 6.5% in October and 6% in November.

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San Francisco’s growing pains

28 December, 2013

The mid-Market area, one of  S.F’s most crime ridden neighborhoods became the hub of tech companies after Mayor Edwin Lee in 2011 pushed through a payroll tax holiday for companies in mid-Market bringing in Twitter and 16 other companies, bringing thousands of jobs.  

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