Getting Business And Commerce Loans From Banks

11 July, 2012


We all know the importance that business or commerce loans have in a start up or continuing a business.  A strategic business person needs an approach that will give him an edge in acquiring loans from any financial institution. For one to be able to convince banks to give loans, if need be, the first most important point is to put themselves in the lender’s shoes. Questions like ‘is my business able to pay up the loan promptly?’ and ‘will I be in a good position to get a second loan from the bank next time?’ All these questions are of great importance in analyzing one’s ability to get loan. This helps a great deal in coming up with a proposal that responds to the needs of the banks.

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Dealing With Business Issues

6 July, 2012

Why do you face problems in your business?

Running a business is easier said than done. As the age-old proverb says “the grass is greener on the other side”, the same logic applies to running businesses successfully and for long periods of time. There are a number of things which must carefully be considered and evaluated, before going in for any business activity, big or small. The market is becoming extremely competitive and as per statistics and studies, it has been found that almost 5 out 10 businesses are not able to move into their second year. Furthermore, only 2 out 10 businesses are able to run successfully after 3 to 5 years of their commencement.

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Where to get loans for a small E-Commerce business?

4 July, 2012

Those who wish to start a small E-commerce business must have faced the trouble of getting loans for their business. Usually the interest rates of banks are quite high and not affordable. Approval conditions are also very strict and online businesses usually do not qualify it. Luckily, alternative methods of obtaining small business loans in Australia are available.

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The Viability of Small Business Bank Loans

29 June, 2012

Many potential entrepreneurs are hampered by one major factor, insufficient funds. There are several viable options that one can resort to raise funds to set up a new business. Some common alternatives include floating personal savings into the business, borrowing from a few friends and family while relying on the existing trust that you will repay once you start recording profits or significantly, knock on the doors of banks for a loan.

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Solving Credit Card Issues

27 June, 2012

Many people today use credit cards; these are very useful but quite problematic at the same time. As the number of credit card owners is increasing the credit card debt issues are increasing as well. Many people, who are struggling to keep their heads above water, are seeking credit card debt solutions.

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5 Influencing Tips for Setting up a New Business

19 June, 2012

Setting up a business is more than just buying a property and turning it into a shop. Maybe for sole traders it is that easy. However, in reality, setting up businesses is a very tactical task which one should deal with very carefully to avoid any problems in the future. When one decides to start their own business, there are a range of issues which one has to sort through. It is important to a have a clear aim and purpose in mind in regard of setting up a new business. Firm decisions can only be taken with a focused mind for a higher level of work efficiency.

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Social Media Marketing For Small Startups

12 June, 2012

Social media is one of the best marketing tools at our disposal right now. With millions or even billions of people present on these networks, they are excellent for consumer-oriented startups that want a market that isn’t restricted by geography. Even then, quite a few entrepreneurs are hesitant about using social media to market their products or services, and they end up losing out on one of the most popular delivery channels of the decade.

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How to work with your business partners coherently

5 June, 2012

Administrating a business can be a tough job. You have to handle numerous tasks from day to day and this means that the work is cut out for you. For many entrepreneurs it seems rational to get a partner that will not only share the cost of the business but also in fact share the responsibilities that come with it. If you are in such type of an arrangement it is imperative that you have the basic understanding of how to handle business partners. The reason is simple. If there is a synergy between the partners the business will be productive and efficient but if there happens to be conflict and disagreement then the overall management will also be affected.

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Indicators that It Is Time for a Career Change

30 May, 2012

One of the toughest decisions in anyone’s professional life is to change careers. It calls for a lot of considerations, self assessment and determination to make that move you have been entertaining for a long time. Before you quit your current career for another one, are you sure you really want to move? What is the motivation behind your career change? The following considerations should help make the right decision and assess whether the time is ripe for a career switch.

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Defy the Odds and Start Your Business

23 May, 2012

Nothing guarantees any professional total job satisfaction as being in charge. Job satisfaction is a challenge many professionals face, mainly because of the failure of the seniors to recognize and reward the best performing junior employees. Many professionals and wannabe entrepreneurs nurse brilliant business ideas but the ideas die naturally. Some fail to materialize because of fear of failure while others for lack of capital. You need to review why you haven’t put into practice the great ideas.

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