Raising capital income for any new business

28 September, 2013

Family and friends

All new businesses require a huge amount of money as capital in order to set the workplace up and get it running. It is not possible for all of them to invest a lot of money out of their own pockets and hence, external help is required in such cases. The best place to start gathering money is your own family. One can depend on one’s family and friends to help them in this situation, and then pay one’s debt off at a later stage. This is a convenient method of transaction as there is a sense of trust involved in this and hence, obtaining money would not be an issue.


This is a new emerging trend amongst budding entrepreneurs and it has proven to be quite successful and useful, in the long run. A shareholder is a person who typically invests his own money into starting the company and then owns some portion of that company. This is a troublesome technique at times as the number of shareholders increase over time and all of them expect good returns from their investments.

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