Reviewing your business finances

27 February, 2013

The term “finance” can be defined as “the management of large amounts of money, especially by governments or large companies”. Thus finance involves the management of money. If it is used for business, it becomes business finance. The term “business” can be defined as “a person’s regular occupation, profession or trade OR an activity that someone is engaged in”. So when we say business finances, it means managing the money of a person or company for their regular activities or trades.

The importance of financial revision

Many large companies undertake financial division every season; monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually or at all of these occasions. Financial revision is needed for a company to know if their business is running as per the planned or proposed agenda and budget. Identify the sources of outgoing and incoming finances; this includes profit, stock investments, angel investments, start up business loans from banks, other small business loans in Australia, wholesale parts, utility bills, employee salary, etc. Most of the failing companies had not revising their financial situations therefore leading to failure. Carrying on a business review or financial review involves the analysis of budgeted business activities against the actually processed business activities.

The benefits of business finance revision

A company or the business administration board of the company can get to know the actual expenditures and income of the company. When they analyze, some faster growing companies or businesses may get to know that actually they were running very risky in spending, rather than gaining income. This happens for two reasons;

  1. The business may be inflating,
  2. The business is getting ahead, so that the growth of the business needs expenditures, but the income has not come to its full yet.

People or businesses that do not make a revision of their finances at situations like this will likely fail. But when a review is done, the businesses can adjust their budgets to suit the growth of them or redefine their business with new sets of goals and procedures.

Decision making according to financial analysis

Decision making is the most important part in almost all activities. It is the same with financial institutions and people. The right decision must be taken at the right time. There have been numerous examples of companies sold out to other companies, businesses that engulf other businesses and companies making redundancies in jobs etc. These are all examples of making decisions at the right time, and not making the right decision at the right time. Institutions with good financial business management will study the national and global financial fluctuations carefully; because it is not just the performance of a company that decides its growth or fall, it may also be the growth or fall of some other business entity. Monetary inflation alone can make a good deal worse. So the businesses with better management systems make decisions according to the financial reviews they have gained.

Getting software to help review your business finances

Today, owing to the technological development, there is the need to ensure that you only choose the best software for your business. Good software is able to help you track money. Your finances are managed into categories and therefore, when you need to make a review, you will not have to enter every expense manually. This means that you must ensure that the software that you get is automated. When you are able to track your expenditure each month, you can easily control it.

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