Saving money on rent as a student

20 September, 2014

Rise of rent cost

It is cheaper to commute in Sydney rather than to have a rented flat near your office or college. Travel cost is lesser than rent cost and when it comes to financial savings, you should think about living at your home with your family, to be better off financially. Cost of living in rented apartments and hostels is quiet high and when you are staying there, you have to spend extra money on commodities which are useless.

However, if you are living with your family you can save that money and spend that on some useful means. As a student, you also have to pay study loans, books fees, etc. but if you live at your home, you can save the amount of rent and with this money, you can plan your financial future. In addition to this, you can have fun with your family, without spending anything. You may be thinking it is very difficult to travel such a large for reaching the university but think about the money you can save. I am sure that it is worth to live at your home.

As per reports, a weekly cost of the room has doubled in the past ten years, and more than 85% students feel stressed as they can’t afford the money for their living expenses. Even while living at home, you can do any part time job with which you can be financial independent. There are many people who think that living in your own home while studying is a bad idea because students should experience university life. According to them, students can learn many things like cooking for themselves, living on a budget and self-reliance.

Affordable Option

Rising cost plays a big role where students have to choose between place and quality of their course. They can live at their home and opt for the course which is near to their home because they can’t afford to stay somewhere else. Well, it is something uncontrollable, but apart from this staying at home is more fun, which you can avail for free.

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