Should new entrepreneurs be hasty to get into business?

14 November, 2017

Today’s competition in business comes with a trend where every person can become an entrepreneurs sitting home, from their small venture, having online e-commerce businesses, online trading and many other ways. With all these opportunities, entrepreneurship has gotten out of the age limit. In 70’s and 80’s, a persona of entrepreneur was associated with middle or old age. The image that would come to mind while talking about the entrepreneur would be of a person having grey whiskers and bald head. But now, with examples like Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the concept of not only an entrepreneur but a very successful and probably a leading entrepreneur has been changed.

What is takes to be a good entrepreneur?

Now the whole world knows that the entrepreneurship and its successes do not come with age. All it takes now is a great idea, effort, patience and consistency to see your business grow into a huge prominent, ever-growing tree of income. There are no more requirements of long time experiences or ancient stories to come up with a good entrepreneurship, rather it is now novelty, use of technology and being strategically up-to-date that brings the person on top in entrepreneurship chart.

Young entrepreneurs; if they have great ideas and potential to bring them in reality must take the courage to fulfill their dreams through entrepreneurship because the current market is actually encouraging the young people to get into business because they are more advance in technology and more educated in terms of new ways and strategies of handling finance, doing trades, advertisement and marketing. It is also appreciated now to get into entrepreneurship in young age because youth is considered more energetic, having more zeal to bring the business to the top. This is why many managerial positions are also being given to young employees now-a-days to get full of their potential and energy and consume it to get the very best outcomes.

Some examples of Prominent Young Entrepreneurs

Besides the online business and entrepreneurship, there are many other examples of the typical trading system and traditional businesses which are owned by young entrepreneurs. Amansio Ortega; the founder of Zara, Suze Orman; a finance expert, Mark Cuban; a successful bar owner and many others are the prominent examples of young entrepreneurs who tried their luck and potential in business and got so successful that the world sees them as mentors of business.

In conclusion, we can say that there is nothing wrong with being hasty to get into entrepreneurship in young age. Even if a person is not so sure of his or her potential and resources, there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying since in young age, the loss of business only affects one person. But as one gets older, more people are likely to get affected by the monetary loss of a business holder given the changes in social statuses and increased social and personal responsibilities that comes with growing age. Youth is full of learning events. Old age is followed by many experiences that come in young age. Thus it is never too early to try.

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