Solutions to business financial setbacks

9 January, 2013

It would seem for some people that life is filled with financial setbacks.  It is also possible for some others to experience a sudden financial constrain. The good news is: whether long term or sudden, we can all rise from it.


It might be important to note at the beginning, financial setbacks do not just happen. They are actually the eventual symptom of a slowly developing disease that revolves around our habits. Somewhere along the way, we might pick habits that are totally unfriendly to good financial practice. Others however are not just our own making as they are the result of upbringing and it is these habits which are difficult to identify and lose, since we, as humans have grown up imbibing them.

What should you do?

The most important thing is to halt and stay calm. Leave everything you are doing and do not panic. That is the number one rule you ought to follow whenever a crisis strikes you. This way, you do not worsen the situation or get frustrated because of it. At the very least, it gives you time for reflecting on it. Among the things that engulf us in times of financial setbacks are worry and denial. Sometimes, to escape these mental setbacks, we might indulge in habits like impulse buying that indirectly make us feel better, without actually alleviating the very situation that bred the ill feeling, like drugs and alcohol.

When you keep some time for thinking, it will be clear to you which things used to work for you but which you dropped off somewhere along the way. Is there a certain person whose sheer positivity was a beacon for wellness but whom you have stopped seeing? Or is it the other way round? Some people obviously bring imperfections into our lives.Did you somehow stop paying attention to keeping your debts serviced or is it an issue with your bookkeeper and accountants?  Has your business loans provider been unable to keep up to your needs? Quiet time will certainly reveal issues that need attending to.

A new plan

There is nothing as refreshing as a new plan. This is exactly what your financial life needs- a new look; a new approach. There are several ways of getting that started but the best ones start with a written plan. The mind is very tricky and is likely, in fact bound to relapse unless you plant reminders of the new plan everywhere you look.

The writing itself should be kept simple, say three paragraphs. Each of these is important. In the first paragraph, you should list all things you realize have been missing but which used to work for you. There will be enough of these and where you discover that some are lost forever or are irrecoverable, scout for and fit in replacements. Is it your cash flow that has been affected? Have secured loans cost you the penalty of repossessed assets? Should you try an unsecured business loans in Australia as an alternative? What are the risks involved? Is this a suitable alternative?

From this point, list all things that you should ideally discontinue. Make a timeline just to be on the realistic side. It might help to say, why you must drop them. Finally, write a new paragraph full of the obstacles you anticipate in your newfound path. Listing these will help you prepare psychologically for eventualities.

Now put copies of this personal constitution on the spots where your eyes are likely to land on every moment. There you go on your path to recovery!

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