Sources of Easy Funding for Design Firms

13 February, 2013

Are you looking for easy funding for starting your own design firm? When it comes to funding for just about anything, there are actually a lot of choices the people try. Funding can normally come in the form of loans. There are many kinds of loans and the terms may differ, depending on where you get these loans. To learn more about where to get funding for design firms and other types of companies, you can refer to this article. Whatever source of funding you choose, each have their own pros and cons.

Getting Funding Through Bank Loans

Funding through bank loans has become very popular for a while now but due to the state of the economy today, banks have become a lot pickier when it comes to granting loans. Banks do not just give out loans. Loans processed in banks go through this long process before they are approved. Based on certain factors, including the type of business that needs funding, the projected business plan of your design firm, and your credit history, the bank may approve or reject of the loan. Loans like these come with pretty low interest but the big drawback with bank loans is the long processing time and the high rejection rate of loan requests, especially with many start up business loans as their application doesn’t appeal to the banks.

Getting Funding Through Private Lenders

There are also private lenders who would lend a good amount of money for all types of small business loans. Private lenders are much easier to negotiate with. They will lend money as long as they see that the business has potential and is profitable. Negotiations with each private lender are different as the terms of the loan are planned by both the borrower and the lender. Like, bank loans, private lenders also have interest but most of the time, their interests are slightly higher than the interest rates in bank loans. The higher interests may be because these loans are much easier to get granted.

Equity Funding

 Selling part of the company is also a good way to fund that company. This can be done through equity funding. Equity funding is when you let other people invest in your company or give them shares. One of the advantages of equity funding is that there is no interest to think about. One thing to think about however is one the company starts growing. Profits are divided with all shareholders so you may get a lower profit than you expect.


This is may be the best funding that you can get but is the most unrealistic. Bootstrapping is funding the company with your own savings. The big advantage here is that you do not have any shareholders to split your profits with nor do you have to worry about any interest payments from loaning institutions or investors. With bootstrapping, the business owner is the only one who will run the business. If you fund your company through bootstrapping, you would have sole proprietorship of your company. Realistically though, bootstrapping is only possible if you have a big enough starting capital to get your business started. In many cases, people do not have a very big starting company for bootstrapping but if they do, this can be one of the best methods to run the business.

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