Surprising things that does not affect your credit score

19 July, 2014

There are a lot of myths when it comes to the credit score. People want to make a better score and are ready to alter all the things which affect it negatively. There are a lot of misconceptions, when it comes to the elements, which actually create a difference in the credit score. Following are the few factors which are considered to influence your credit score.

Employment information

The type of job, your employee and the list of jobs you have landed are noted in the credit report. Just because they are found in the report, it does not mean that they affect the credit score. The employment information depends upon who reports the information to the bureau and has nothing to do with your rating.


Income is the important factor for any loan approval and other criteria and ironically, it has nothing to do with your credit report. Even if you get a monumental income increment, it would not affect your credit score and thus, any decrement would also have not effect on the score.


The location affects the mortgage and other factors. There are many articles which list the average credit scores of the people in each state and has tagged the state with the highest score as a prosperous state. However, there no known effects of the location, on the score. Thus, moving to the highest score state would not give you, a credit score boost.


As you grow old, you would need to pay more premium for the insurance, the mortgage rate would be high and there are other factors, which makes you a high risk customer. However, this has nothing to do with the credit score. There is an indirect effect of the age on the credit score. As you grow old, the history of your credit score will be long with has both negative and positive effects on the score, based on the history and thus, age has officially nothing to do with the credit score.

Marital status

Your marital status may or may not affect your credit score. The individual being married or not has nothing to do with the score. Being a family would not increase the score and adding a dependent would not decrease the score. However, if the spouse you add to your report has a lower score than you do, then your score would be decreased considerably.

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